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Good breathing is the foundation of a good life and a fundamental right of every human being. Our Nordic heritage - the fresh air of the northern wilderness and the moist of steamy sauna - are the basis of our happiness and natural wellbeing.
Based on our healthcare expertise, we have understood how better breathing improves our daily lives. That is why we are committed to help people breathe better so they can enjoy their lives to the fullest. Wherever they live.
WellO2 is the world's most versatile breathing trainer that utilizes the globally patented method. The method supports overall well-being by strengthening breathing with resisted breathing exercises and cleansing the lungs with warm steam. WellO2 was developed by experts in the fields of health care, wellness and technology.
The innovative solution combines the latest scientific research and technological innovations into non-medical respiratory therapy. 
Over 70 000 people has chosen to breathe better with the help of WellO2. WellO2 users have shared with us how their general health and well-being has increased with a daily 5 min training routine using the WellO2.

Those who have benefited from using WellO2 are:

✔️ People suffering from breathing problems
✔️People suffering from bad air quality
✔️ Elderly
✔️ Athletes and active people
✔️ Singers and voice professionals

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Mona Pietikäinen
Commercial coordinator at WellO2, producer at Nordicbreathing.com
Mona Pietikäinen
Tuomas Mattelmäki
Tuomas Mattelmäki
Katri Lindberg
Product manager at WellO2, Editor in Chief at Nordicbreathing.com
Katri Lindberg