2021-04-27 15:00Press release

Pharma Way initiates collaboration with the golf world player Niclas Fasth

Niclas Fasth professional golf playerNiclas Fasth professional golf player

Pharma Way AB initiates a collaboration with Golf player Niclas Fasth, who for many years has been part of the world elite in Golf and has several top positions as well as several victories from the European Tour.

"A long career in world golf has obviously left its mark on my body, and I have had to live with a lighter chronic inflammation for many years. Dot Shot has greatly improved how my body works and recovers, and I am no longer forced to compromise on my golf training and sports in general. Being able to live a very active life with exercise and sports with a feeling of well-being in the body is a boost to say the least!, says Niclas Fast."

"We are very pleased with our collaboration with Niclas and above all that Dot Shot has been positive to his golf performance and that his inflammations, pain and aches have decreased so significantly after he started using Dot Shot, Joacim Folkesson owns Vice President Pharma Way."

Niclas is a good role model for other golfers in the same situation who are looking for a way to reduce inflammation and stiffness, which ultimately allows golfers to be active with a positive feeling in the body without pain and aches.

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Mårten Österlund
Mårten Österlund
 Joacim Folkesson
EVP Marketing & Sales
Joacim Folkesson