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Magdalena Fjällström new shareholder in Pharma WayMagdalena Fjällström new shareholder in Pharma Way

Magdalena herself has been helped by Dot Shot and has therefore decided to invest in Pharma Way.  The Company's launch of Dot Shot products in the US and Europe, is a great opportunity, which can quickly increase the value of the company.

DOT SHOT is a well-documented wellness shot based on water-soluble curcumin from turmeric with faster and better effect which provides an increased value for the consumer compared to current products available in the European and US market.

Curcumin helps the body recover from inflammation due to physical activity as well as reduce pain and muscle damage. Many sportswomen and athletes drink Dot Shot above all for its anti-inflammatory properties. Several of these users have cut back on traditional anti-inflammatory drugs and use Dot Shot which is natural, vegan and with fewer side effects as a complement.

"I injured my knee in 2020 which meant a long rehabilitation, when I was going to take a cortisone shot in the autumn of 2020, I came into contact with Dot Shot which I tried and felt a big difference already after 2 days, this allowed me to refrain from cortisone treatment. I am now fully committed to the upcoming season and continue to drink Dot Shot. My personal experience with Dot Shot means that I want to invest in the company. I see great potential in the company and its Dot Shot products," says Magdalena Fjällström, Junior World Champion and Slalom World Cup Skier."

Pharma Way AB carries out a new share issue of SEK 15 million to finance the launch of Dot Shot in the US and Europe through e-commerce. In 2020, the Company has established a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, Pharma Way North America LLC, and made all preparations for the launch of Dot Shot during April/May 2021.

The company will have video meetings on 13/4 and 21/4 at 5 pm where we present the company and answer questions. Registration is made to marten.osterlund@pharma-way.com write which meeting date you want to participate, and we will send you a link.

About Pharma Way AB

Pharma Way has an international team with many years of experience in pharmaceutical products, development, and sales and marketing. Together with our partners, we market and distribute Lifestyle and self-care products such as Dot Shot and Go ́KiD series, see also www.dotshot.se and www.gokid.nu on the Europe and USA market.


Mårten Österlund
Mårten Österlund
 Joacim Folkesson
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Joacim Folkesson