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Matilda Söderlund new shareholder in Pharma WayMatilda Söderlund new shareholder in Pharma Way

Matilda Söderlund is the first Nordic woman to pass difficulty level 9A in free climbing.  It is fantastic that our product Dot Shot can help Matilda in her quest to become the world's best professional free climber.

The fact that Matilda chooses to invest in our company is a sign of her confidence in the company and Dot Shot.  We welcome Matilda as a new shareholder and look forward to following her continued professional climbing career. Matilda is one of several elite athletes who have been helped by Dot Shot and who have decided to become partners in Pharma Way, examples of others are Magdalena Fjällström (Alpine World Cup skier) and Linda Wessberg (professional on the European Tour in golf).

Pharma Way AB has decided to carry out a new share issue of SEK 15 million to finance the launch of Dot Shot in the US and Europe through e-commerce. In 2020, the Company has established a wholly owned subsidiary in the United States, Pharma Way North America LLC, and made all preparations for the launch of Dot Shot during April/May 2021.

"I have tried Dot Shot in the fall of 2020, ever since I started drinking Dot Shot I have improved my climbing, been free of inflammation and do not have the same training pain and soreness in my muscles as before. During my professional career as a free climber, I have spent a lot of time in the US, and now that the company is launching Dot Shot in the US market, I see great potential for Dot Shot and its upcoming Dot Shot products, says Matilda Söderlund."

About Pharma Way AB

Pharma Way has an international team with many years of experience in pharmaceutical products, development, and sales and marketing. Together with our partners, we market and distribute Lifestyle and self-care products such as Dot Shot and Go ́KiD series, see also www.dotshot.se and www.gokid.nu on the Europe and USA market


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