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Pharma Way - new share issue via Fundedbyme - invest in better health

Join us for an exciting international expansion! Join us for an exciting international expansion!

Pharma Way's initiate new share issue via Fundedbyme. Pharma Way is a foodtech company with unique knowledge to develop water-based plant extracts to beverages, that are more efficient and result in better health effects. We market and sell unique, innovative health products in the European and North American markets. In two years, we have established sales in the Nordic region and started the establishment in the US market. There is a very large potential for our company and its products.

We have a strong global health trend and interest in food that can contribute to better health is increasing at a record rate. Turmeric is one of the plants that increases the most due to its well-known health effects. Our first Dot Shot, "The Equalizer", is based on our unique water-soluble turmeric that gives faster and better health effect than other products with regular turmeric and has a fresh taste of lime. Several Dot Shot products are on the way with different functions.

Today, we have many users who all testify to the positive difference they have experienced with regular use of the product. We have a strong and growing number of professional athletes who drink Dot Shot daily to feel good and perform better Many of these professional athletes have also become shareholders in Pharma Way because they believe in the company and its products. Several professional athletes will also participate in the new share issue.

Investment offer:

  • Pharma Way has unique knowledge to develop water-based plant extracts into good beverages, for more efficient and improved health effects.
  • Already established in the home market Sweden and started establishment in Europe and the US market
  • Great potential to increase sales in large strongly growing markets, Europe and the US.
    Strong principal owners with extensive experience who possess unique and complementary knowledge.
  • Confirmed "feedback" from a large number of sports profiles that drink Dot Shot daily and who also chose to invest in the company.
  • Strong product portfolio under development, the new product “The Protector” is ready for launch.
  • An investment in Pharma Way is an investment in the health products of the future.

"Together with our current shareholders and a number of well-known athletes who have chosen to invest in the company, we want to increase the number of people who join our journey and become shareholders. Together we want to build a company that offers a healthier and more active life for our customers. The company expects to be profitable in 2022 and plans an IPO in 2023–24 depending on market conditions. " Says the company's CEO Mårten Österlund

Join us for an exciting international expansion! – link Fundedbyme

About Pharma Way AB

Pharma Way is a foodtech company that develops, markets and sells innovative and effective health products in the European and North American market. The products are based on unique knowledge to develop and formulate water-based herbal extracts with improved health effects for beverages with good taste. The goal is to become a market leader in this area with our products.


Mårten Österlund
Mårten Österlund
 Joacim Folkesson
EVP Marketing & Sales
Joacim Folkesson

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