Christer Strömholm and Contemporary Artists in the Sculpture Park_ Where does anything actually begin?

Christer Strömholm is one of Swedens most well-known and appreciated photografers. His breakthrough came during the 1950s with his pictures from Paris, not least the portraits of transsexuals at Place Blanche. In Where does anything actually begin? the focus is instead on parts of his other production. Different lines and traces within his rich pictorial world are reflected through internationally strong artistry; Annika Elisabeth von Hauswolff, Aziz Hazara, Gosette Lubondo, Eric Magassa and Eiko Otake with William Johnston. Connections between the work in the exhibition emerge in different ways; new tracks, new lines link the past and the present. The photos are presented outdoors in Wanås beech forest park. The exhibition is made in collaboration with Strömholm Estate.