2020-04-23 07:00Press release

Kimsooja at Wanås Konst.

Kimsooja, To Breathe, Wanås Konst, 2020. Foto/Photo Mattias Givell.Kimsooja, To Breathe, Wanås Konst, 2020. Foto/Photo Mattias Givell.

Special exhibition at the sculpture park 2020, Kimsooja, Sowing Into Painting, May 9 - November 1 at The Wanås Foundation - Wanås Konst. Please visit the pressroom at Cision and website.

In the summer of 2020, the Wanås Foundation presents Sowing Into Painting, a solo exhibition with site-specific installations, film, sculpture and painting by internationally-acclaimed artist Kimsooja. The artist is creating a planting project for the sculpture park Wanås Konst in the form of a flax cultivation that investigates the conceptual relationship between painting, agriculture, and textile. Wanås Konst has taken special measures to ensure visitors’ safety and the outdoor area consists of almost 100 acres. The exhibition will continue until November 1, 2020.


About Wanås Konst

Wanås Art - Center for Art and Learning, produces and communicates art that challenges and changes the view of society, outdoors in the landscape around Wanås in Skåne. In addition to the permanent collection, extensive temporary exhibitions are shown outdoors and indoors, with accompanying programs with screenings, artist talks and workshops for a wide audience. Wanås Art produces site-specific international contemporary art and learning with innovation and accessibility for all as keywords. In the sculpture park and the permanent collection, there are about 70 site-specific works in the landscape that were created especially for Wanås Art by artists such as Igshaan Adams, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, William Forsythe, Ann Hamilton, Jenny Holzer, Yoko Ono, and Ann-Sofi Sidén etc. Since 1987, more than 300 artists have participated in exhibitions. The sculpture park covers 40 hectares and is explored on foot. Wanås Konst is run by the independent non-profit Foundation Wanås Utställningar created in 1994. Marika Wachtmeister founded the business in 1987 and led it until 2010. Since 2011, the business is led by the management duo Elisabeth Millqvist and Mattias Givell. The operation is financed through support from Östra Göinge municipality, Region Skåne, state support own revenues and private funds and sponsorship. Wanås Konst is a member of the European Land + Art Network (ELAN). Wanås is a place in the world where art, nature and history meet. Wanås Art, Wanås Restaurant Hotel and Wanås Gods AB operate at Wanås and there is also a medieval castle. Wanås is located in Östra Göinge municipality in northeastern Skåne 1.5 hours from Malmö / Copenhagen. For more info please see www.wanas.se