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What is Team Silas all about?

Silas Hommes is a 6-year-old Nashville native who was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome (AS) four years ago. This is a rare neurogenetic disorder caused by a random deletion on his 15th chromosome. Angelman Syndrome causes global developmental delay, lack of speech, poor coordination, difficulty walking and seizures. Team Silas raises funds for Angelman Syndrome Foundation which is directly funding Angelman Syndrome clinics,  reasearch and potential therapeutics for AS. For years, there were no medication or treatment options for AS individuals...until now. Multiple pharmaceutical companies have entered clinical trials in 2020 for gene therapies and POTENTIAL CURES. The next few years will be an incredibly exciting time not only for Silas but for the medical and science community. Team Silas needs your help to continue to fund research for treatments that will allow AS individuals to speak, walk, communicate, and live seizure free!

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