2022-03-08 07:36Press release

PW North America gains momentum as activities in the USA accelerate

Pickleball America's fastest growing sportPickleball America's fastest growing sport

Pharma Way´s wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Pharma Way North America LLC, is picking up speed with new wins coming on weekly as the DOT SHOT brand strengthens in consumer awareness and trials. We are pleased to see that the investments we made during the last 6 months are now showing results.

Recent successes include doubling of DOT SHOT sales in February over January on America’s largest web sales portal Amazon, resellers coming onboard in Florida and Georgia, partnerships with U.S. pickleball, America’s fastest growing sport with the U.S. Open coming up in April, successful collaboration with Florida communities in reaching new consumers as well as local retailers, ambassadors, golf clubs and pickleball arenas and players. In addition, we are in negotiations with major U.S. retailers which we believe will get Dot Shot on the shelves of drug stores by the summer.

“Based on these developments coupled with the positive consumer feedback we are receiving and the huge number of upcoming activities, we are confident that our goal of building a leading wellness brand in America will be achieved.” says Morgan Cederblom, CEO Pharma Way North America LLC”

About Pharma Way AB

Pharma Way is a foodtech company that develops, markets and sells innovative and effective health products in the European and North American market. The products are based on unique knowledge to develop and formulate water-based herbal extracts with improved health effects for beverages with good taste. The goal is to become a market leader in this area with our products.


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Mårten Österlund
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