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About NOBAL Technologies Inc

Adaptable to any environment, anywhere in the world, our interactive mirror solutions are designed to easily integrate with any physical space.

At NOBAL, we generate value for all stakeholders by delivering an interactive product that reimagines the physical and digital experiences.

NOBAL is driven by the challenge because we have the bench strength, intelligence, tenacity, and experience, to work through any vision to the end. 

As a team, we take a problem first, solutions later approach, which is the hallmark of mavericks and innovators. This is why we can work with any customer, even those who want to get their hands dirty because the performance expectations of our clients are seen as another opportunity to create something only NOBAL is willing and able to do. 

This is what is different about us. Our challenge accepted mindset, our desire to lead the interactive mirror space one solution, one customer at a time.



Lindsay Panchyshyn