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World Economic Forum July 2020 Papers | Digital Transformation, Business of Data, Redesigning Data Privacy

Amid major global disruptions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a critical moment for innovative companies to bring forward new ideas and innovations to help protect the lives and livelihoods of communities and industries around the world. Fluxus is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, engaging with public- and private-sector leaders to collaboratively contribute new solutions to overcome the current crisis and build future resiliency:

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Digital Transformation: Powering the Great Reset

“This paper explores the increasing yet evolving role and relevance of digital transformation in business today. It offers an opening frame for a multiyear, cross-industry programme to co-create the new playbooks for executive decision-making and action in a post-pandemic business normal. It presents three opportunities for digitally enabled corporate leadership to support the Great Reset of our economies and societies:

1. Transform into a digital business across seven dimensions: new value creation; digital-at-the-core business models; intelligent and agile operating models; localized and resilient supply chains; real-time decisions at the edge; data-driven investment decisions; and augmented talent.

2. Empower all stakeholders: employees, consumers, suppliers, partners, government and society.

3. Effect systems change through digitally enabled collaboration models that correct market failures.

In 2020 and beyond, the Accelerating Digital Transformation programme, facilitated by the World Economic Forum, will support conversations and collaborations among the members of a growing community of leaders who are redefining digital business transformation as an engine of future value for both their organizations and society.”

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New Paradigm for Business of Data

“This paper captures replicable learnings and practices from organizations leading the way in ushering in a new business paradigm for data that empowers stakeholders, is grounded in ecosystem partnerships and creates sustainable value for all. Utilizing live, successful examples from across the business community today, it highlights:

1. New opportunities for data-driven value creation, categorized into four archetypes: new value pools, new business models, richer stakeholder experiences and better decisions.

2. Powerful technologies that are opening new possibilities for companies to protect their own interests and those of others.

3. The new paradigm that these twin trends are driving – one that leverages stakeholder interests as a core design parameter in building sustainable and shared value.”

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Redesigning Data Privacy: Reimagining Notice & Consent for Human-technology Interaction

“This white paper represents a distillation of the collective efforts of the participant experts who attended workshops in San Francisco as well as that of a multi-stakeholder project community from industry, academia and civil society. While the approach examines the United States as a proxy for the purposes of illustration, Notice & Consent as a norm is critically assessed more generally from a design-focused perspective, and guidance is offered to both the policy-making community and technology providers in terms of updating the existing reliance on a Notice & Consent framework to address human needs and values.

By offering alternatives that place people at the centre of the paradigm, we hope that a more inclusive policy-making community can emerge to address today’s and the future’s most pressing challenges in regards to personal data collection and processing. In doing so, the empowerment of people and the opportunities for innovation should rest on more solid foundations.”

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