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To create imapct, you need to think big

Visit from University of CopenhageVisit from University of Copenhage

Three quick questions for Trine Winterø, Prodekan for Innovation og Samfundsrelationer.

On Thursday we had the great pleasure to eat and meet with Trine Winterø, Prodekan for Innovation og Samfundsrelationer and Nadja Jin Storm, senior adviser at University of Copenhagen. What makes the Nordic countries unique is among other things the agility and the drive to make a difference. These two combined creates a good steppingstone towards making real impact on society.

We asked Trine and Nadja a few questions related to collaboration and impact. See what they think and why they wanted to visit KI Innovations.

The importance of Nordic collaboration?

-There are greater opportunities for interdisciplinary setups across the Nordic countries - including different academic institutions and different healthcare systems. By collaborating with other Nordic institutions, we can create a better platform for knowledge sharing - in a Nordic setting with a global perspective. We can draw on the synergistic advantages and cross-cultural effects and Enhance innovation knowledge and processes through increased collaboration between the participating academic communities.

Why is KI Innovations an interesting collaboration partner?

- KI is interesting for us, as it is a Strong academic research institution within health and medical sciences. Several good academic collaborations already exist, so it would be natural and beneficial to extend it to include innovation initiatives. Additionally, KI has an extremely competent and experienced innovation team that we can learn a lot from. 

Do you see any concrete possibilities for collaboration today?

- We see possibilities for collaboration in the exchange of knowledge and maybe establishment of innovation programs. KI Innovations has initiated some very interesting programs, for example Mentor4Research, and we are excited to explore the possibility to collaborate on that. 

Om KI Innovations

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Maria Berner-Holmström
Maria Berner-Holmström