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Focus Nordic, Transcontinenta Group and Digit Access form partnership

Gerrie Geijssen, CEO and owner of Transcontinenta Group, Melchior Lopez, CEO and owner of Digit Access and Jonas Wernbo, CEO and co-owner of Focus NordicGerrie Geijssen, CEO and owner of Transcontinenta Group, Melchior Lopez, CEO and owner of Digit Access and Jonas Wernbo, CEO and co-owner of Focus Nordic

As of June 30th, 2021, the three leading photo & video distributors Focus Nordic, Transcontinenta Group and Digit Access have formed a partnership in order to further develop the European photo & video market. The intention of this initiative is to be in forefront of the business for the benefit of our mutual suppliers, customers, and consumers.

Focus Nordic, present in 28 markets in Scandinavia, Baltics, Central and Eastern Europe, and Transcontinenta Group, present in the Benelux region, Germany, the UK, and Ireland, have acquired one third each of Digit Access, present in France, Spain and Portugal.

We are pleased to partner up with two of the most important photo & video distributors and together develop the European market for photo & video accessories. In this way, we will be able to offer our suppliers and customers the most dynamic product offering in the market, says Melchior Lopez, CEO and co-owner of Digit Access.

The cooperation between the three distributors will focus on the brands that are in common and respect other brands and areas where collaboration is not suitable. Customer service, IT, marketing, and logistics are some of the areas where the partners will exchange best practice and collaborate.

The partnership with Transcontinenta Group and Digit Access will accomplish our mission to provide end-users with everything they need for an optimal photo, video, and optics experience and to be the best partner for our suppliers and customers by adding value to their business, adds Jonas Wernbo, CEO and co-owner of Focus Nordic. 

With this partnership, Focus Nordic, Transcontinenta Group and Digit Access have taken an important step to further evolve the European photo & video market. For customers and consumers, this will improve the product and service offering in the local markets and for suppliers, it will add value to their brand through strenghtened local market expertise and brand visibility.

Growth and expansion through cooperation is in our genes. This unique cooperation with two strong partners who share the same vision about the fast-changing European photo & video market will inevitably lead to a better representation of our brands and a higher service level to our customers. We cannot wait to bring our three companies to the next level, summarizes Gerrie Geijssen, CEO and owner of Transcontinenta Group.


About Digit Access

Founded in 2004 by Serge Karmann and Melchior Lopez, Digit Access offers a complete range of products dedicated to digital photography and professional video with brands such as Samyang, Zhiyun, Lexar, Peak Design, Polaroid, Benro, Starblitz, Laowa and many more. Digit Access is present in France, Spain, and Portugal, has an annual turnover of 11 million EUR and 25 employees. They offer their customers a dynamic sales and marketing service and has an efficient logistics centre based in the south of France.

We believe in listening to our customers. We believe in putting people at the centre of our business relationships, CEO and co-owner Melchior Lopez concludes the company culture of Digit Access.


 About Focus Nordic

Focus Nordic is one of the leading distributors of photo, video & optics in Europe with more than 60 brands such as Tamron, Samyang, Panasonic, Zhiyun, Nanlite, Polaroid, Zeiss, Kodak, Focus Sport Optics and Focus I Love My Photos represented in 28 markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 2010 as a merger between a Swedish, a Norwegian and a Danish company and is privately held. Focus Nordic has an annual turnover of 60 million EUR and more than 70 employees. With a centralized head office in Sweden covering logistics, product management, marketing, finance, and IT together with local market expertise in local sales teams, Focus Nordic covers all their markets locally but efficiently as one market.

We have been dedicated to photo, video, and optics since the 1950s. Today, we are more passionate than ever to share knowledge, inspiration and lead the industry forward, says CEO and co-owner Jonas Wernbo.



About Transcontinenta Group

Transcontinenta Group is a value-added distributor for well-known leading brands such as Leica, Hasselblad, Tamron, Bushnell, Samyang, Peak Design, ThinkTank, Polaroid, Zhiyun, Godox and Lexar in the field of photography, video, sport optics and mobile connectivity. Established in 1992, it is a privately owned company with headquarters in the Netherlands and sales offices in Germany and the UK. The annual turnover is 55 million EUR, and the organization consists of 76 dedicated professionals within sales, marketing, product management, administration, logistics and customer service. Transcontinenta Group offers an own logistics center equipped with the latest high-tech IT technologies.

We are a modern, dynamic company and a reliable business partner. Keeping our promises, thinking along with our customers, and offering the best service is second nature to us. With a dedicated team, we are personally involved in the success of our customers, and we like to share our passion for imaging with everyone, explains CEO and owner Gerrie Geijssen.


Apie Focus Nordic - Lithuania

Focus Nordic yra pirmaujantis fotografavimo ir filmavimo technikos platintojas Europoje, atstovaujantis daugiau nei 60 prekių ženklų 28 šalių. Mūsų asortimente yra daug gerai žinomų prekinių ženklų, tiek fotoaparatuose, žiūronuose ir prieduose. Mes atstovaujame Tamron, Samyang, Zhiyun, Nanlite, Datavideo, Digipower, Saramonic, Polaroid, Panasonic, Ricoh/Pentax, Kodak, Chasing, Feelworld, Lexar, Transcend, Delkin, Steiner, Hähnel, Ilford, Velbon, Sirui, Kowa, Celestron, LumeCube, Zeiss, NiSi, LedGo.Taip pat turime ir savo Focus prekinį ženklą po kuriuo yra daug produktų. Mūsų verslo koncepcija – veiksmingai platinti tiesiogiai iš mūsų sandėlio, tiekiant mažmenininkams Skandinavijos ir Baltijos šalyse geriausius produktus. Dideli viso Skandinavijos ir Baltijos šalių prekių pirkimai mums leidžia derėtis dėl produktų geriausių kainų ir jų pristatymo kainos. Focus Nordic veikloje mes aktyviai palaikome geras darbo sąlygas ir gerą mūsų tiekėjų socialinę padėtį visame pasaulyje. Per mūsų narystę verslo socialinės atsakomybės iniciatyvoje (BSCI) palaikome organizacijos elgesio kodeksą. Tai turėtų apimti užtikrinimą, kad tiekėjai gerbtų žmogaus teises ir atitiktų galiojančius įstatymus ir kitus teisės aktus.


Karolis Purickas
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Karolis Purickas