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A new premium spotting scope from Kowa.

Kowa is known as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of binoculars and spotting scopes and their TSN-880 series have been birdwatchers and outdoor enthusiasts’ number one choice for almost two decades.

TSN-99 Prominar is a further development of the popular series and is Kowa’s first scope to feature both a convex XD lens & pure fluorite crystal lens. It features Kowa’s largest objective lens ever produced at 99mm delivering the ultimate in low light performance and exquisite detail free from

chromatic aberration.


The spotting scope features a brand-new design with smooth ergonomics combined with high-end engineering and is easy to use out in the field for long periods of time even in harsh conditions.

The body is made of a 100% magnesium alloy structure and is one of the most compact and lightweight in its class of large objective spotting scopes making it more portable than many other models.

Just like previous models, the TSN-99 features Kowa's Quick focus (dual focus) that allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst fine focus gives pin-point, finger-tip control offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy with minute adjustments possible even when wearing gloves.

Optical constructions consist of Kowa’s unique pure fluorite crystal lenses and the spotting scope features their largest objective lens ever produced at 99mm. Together with a Kowa XD lens with extremely low dispersion characteristics the spotting scope produces an astonishing image quality with great colour brilliance and a minimum of chromatic aberration even at high magnification.

The objective lens has further protection from the elements with Kowa’s unique KR coating which repels dirt, moisture and dust from building on the surface.

The spotting scope is fully compatible with the entire Kowa accessory line-up.


Together with the new spotting scope Kowa also introduces a new TE-80XW 40x extreme wide eyepiece.

The new eyepiece is designed for optimum viewing with the human eye as well as digital cameras and smartphones for digiscoping.

The eyepiece has a magnification of 40x and a field of view of up to 37m at 1000m distance. Which makes it easier to find subject quicker thanks to a wider view of your surroundings.

The optical design incorporates a field flattener lens maintaining a flat resolution throughout the entire 80-degree field of view and an XD lens is utilized to minimize chromatic aberration and features KR coating to protect against dirt, moisture and dust.

The eyepiece is compatible with the new TSN-99 range as well as current TSN-880 and TSN-770 series scopes.



Pricing and delivery

The new spotting scope and eyepiece will start ship autumn 2021.

Recommended selling price:

TSN-99 from 2799 EUR

TE-80XW 40x from 579 EUR

TE-11WZ II from 589 EUR


For further information, please contact Karolis.Purickas@focusnordic.lt


Key specifications

Superior image quality

Fast and accurate focus

Lightweight and sturdy design


TSN-99 Series will include both an angled (TSN-99A) and straight (TSN-99S) model








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Karolis Purickas
Area Manager
Karolis Purickas