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Full-duplex wireless intercom headset system from Hollyland

Hollyland Solidcom C1Hollyland Solidcom C1

If you work in a professional production environment it´s critical to maintain constant communication with your team to make sure everything goes smoothly.


The new Solidcom C1 from Hollyland is a full-duplex wireless intercom headset from Hollyland that uses advanced DECT 6.0 technology. The system operates in the 1,9Ghz band and provides a reliable transmission up to 350m (LOS) with exceptional sound clarity.


The new lightweight headset ensures clear and accurate audio quality for effective teamwork, even in noisy environments, thanks to a wideband frequency response of 150Hz-7KHz and premium AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation). The directional microphone captures the speaker's voice clearly while minimizing unwanted noise, and it mutes automatically when the mic boom is raised.


Each intercom headset comes with a spare lithium battery for convenient field replacement, keeping the system up and running with minimal downtime. The batteries are rechargeable externally with a dedicated multi-port charger. Batteries require only 2.5 hours to reach full charge and provides up to 10 hours run time for each headset (5-6 hours for the system master headset. The system is ready to use, automatically pairing up right out of the box and can pair with up to 6 headsets.


With the optional Solidcom C1 Hub base you can expand the system up to 9 people and provide the same coverage if you prefer not to use the master headset configuration. The battery-powered hub also offers additional functions, such as cascaded connection of up to three systems, A/B grouping, and a one-key mute, UAC function (Cloud calling) and announce function to communicate instantly with all headsets.


DECT 6.0 technology provides excellent transmission stability with doubled user capacity per channel. A dual-antenna diversity scheme helps ensures uninterrupted team communication in complex environments. DECT 6.0 encryption technology prevents outsiders from listening in.


Pricing and shipping


The new intercom system will start ship in April.

Recommended selling price is:

Hollyland Solidcom C1 with 2 headsets EUR 559,90;-

Hollyland Solidcom C1 with 3 headsets EUR 829,90;-

Hollyland Solidcom C1 with 4 headsets EUR 1.109,90;-

Hollyland Solidcom C1 with 6 headsets EUR 1.649,90;-

Hollyland Solidcom C1 with Hub & 8 headsets EUR 4.189,90;-

Lisainformatsiooni saamiseks võtke palun ühendust: richard.viidalepp@focusnordic.ee  


Key specifications

  • Reliable transmission up to 350m
  • Automatically pairing right out of the box
  • Operates in the 1,9Ghz band
  • 10 hours run time for each headset
  • With the optional Solidcom C1 Hub base you can expand the system
  • DECT 6.0 encryption technology prevents outsiders from listening in

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Richard Viidalepp
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Richard Viidalepp