2020-05-12 11:02Press release

FluxHouse™ Generative, an AI-enabled Digital Toolkit for Affordable Housing Development

Fluxus is pleased to introduce FluxHouse™ Generative, a state-of-the-art AI-enabled digital toolkit for developers and governments to design, assess and deploy affordable housing projects.

“While affordable housing delivery is increasingly impacted by the current situation with supply chain interruptions, construction slowdowns and funding shortages, we are also witnessing the acceleration of digital transformation in construction and real estate sectors that are ripe for innovation for a long time. Embracing tools and platforms for digitalization will help developers and governments to better manage risk, enable collaborative workflow globally, plan for sustainability, and ultimately help to strengthen the ability of communities to meet the affordable housing needs.” – Fanyu Lin, CEO of Fluxus.

In FluxHouse™ Generative, algorithms are developed to automate the assembly of the FluxSystem’s 9 prefabricated multi-functional components to form varying massings and layouts which directly respond to define physical and environmental conditions. The small number of components and simple constructs are well suited for large scale industrialized manufacturing processes. This serves to reduce capital investment requirements, facilitate automation and drive in quality and reliability.

The tool adapts typical footprints, using GIS-data, to optimize volumes to achieve the highest yield of units and drive value. Customizable floor plans are spacious and aesthetic with liberal use of natural lighting. Passive design principles are incorporated with IoT solutions to reduce energy consumption.

Committed to offering an energy efficient and affordable housing solution for quality of living through leveraging networks of global partners and digitalization of construction, Fluxus is looking forward to engaging with more government, developer, housing provider, funder and other interested parties to roll out development projects while creating industry-wide resilience in a post Covid-19 world.

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About Fluxus

Fluxus LLC is a privately held real estate & infrastructure technology and consulting company, committed to Sustainable Way of Building to improve quality of life. The company pioneers Smart Methods of Prefabrication powered by Internet of Things (IoT) – the convergence of the digital and physical worlds, and leverages networks of global partners and innovations in advanced building materials, smart city and connected building technologies, next-generation networks, industrialization and digitalization of construction, where measurable ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) metrics are woven into the value chain for creating energy-efficient buildings and net-zero cities.


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