2023-01-16 16:24News

Propane Generators Are Another Great Way To Prepare For Winter

Taking time to prepare for winter is a smart step for anyone to take, and that certainly includes propane homeowners. That’s why the reminders Ferrellgas sends to customers to allow at least seven business days for us to make a delivery and provide a clear path to their tank on their day of delivery are so important.


Natural disasters and named storms are capable of producing power outages lasting days or longer. They are also unpredictable and far more difficult to plan for. Unless, that is, you have a propane standby generator. Propane-fueled generators come in a number of sizes and are capable of backing up a single appliance or two or an entire home. They can be powered by the same Blue Rhino propane tanks that fuel backyard experiences nationwide or the 250-gallon, 500-gallon, or larger residential propane tanks that fuel other propane appliances in the home.


There’s safety and security that comes with propane generators, which offer a number of advantages compared to diesel generators. Power outages seem to be occurring more frequently than ever. Propane generators allow homeowners to heat and cool their homes, turn on the lights, power their devices, and keep the refrigerator and freezer running when the power is knocked out. It’s easy to tell which homes in the neighborhood have a propane generator when it is.


Are you prepared for a power outage if one were to occur tonight? Ask your Ferrellgas representative today about what it takes to add a propane generator to your home!

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