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Cochlear announces audio streaming from Amazon Fire TV devices for hearing implant users

Amazon Fire TV Audio Streaming to Cochlear devicesAmazon Fire TV Audio Streaming to Cochlear devices

Cochlear further supports Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) standard to enable direct streaming from Fire TV devices to a Cochlear™ hearing implant for the first time.

This International Cochlear Implant Day (February 25, 2023), Cochlear is announcing that it will now offer Audio Streaming for Hearing Aids (ASHA) support on Fire TV devices for people living with hearing implant technology. The advancement represents the first time that a smart TV device will stream sound directly to a hearing implant sound processor. With the implementation of ASHA, hearing implant users will be able to enjoy over 1 million movies and TV episodes with an active subscription to their favourite apps and local TV networks.

For people using implantable hearing technology, TV helps them to stay connected with the latest popular culture, news, and events. According to Amazon research improving TV sound quality was one of the most requested features among hearing device users.1

Hearing implant users often need to practice their listening as they learn to use their device. TV can be a useful way to help with language rehabilitation as people can combine lip-reading, visuals, and emotional cues with the sound they are hearing. Being able to directly stream audio from a Fire TV device to a hearing implant recipient's sound processor will make TV more accessible, removing the need for intermediary devices.

International Cochlear Implant Day (CI Day) has taken place every year on February 25 since 2009, helping to raise awareness of hearing implants and to celebrate the achievements of people using the technology.


How it works

Cochlear has configured direct streaming from Fire TV to Cochlear Nucleus® 8, Nucleus 7, Nucleus Kanso® 2, and Baha® 6 Max sound processors. ASHA-enabled Fire TV devices include: Fire TV Cube (2nd Gen), Fire TV Cube (3rd Gen), Fire TV Omni Series and Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series.*

With ASHA, sound processors connect with the Fire TV device at the system level, so customers can enjoy audio from their favourite streaming apps, use Alexa, listen to music, navigational sounds, and more. To pair a hearing implant sound processor and Fire TV device, customers can visit Fire TV Settings, navigate to Accessibility, select Hearing Aids, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect them. Note: the availability and uptake of Amazon Fire TV Cube varies between countries.

Watch this video to see how it works and to hear Amazon and Cochlear explain the technology. https://bit.ly/3kuW0uB


    1. Amazon Fire TV Blog. Fire TV launches hearing aid pairing. Available at https://amazonfiretv.blog/fire-tvlaunches-hearing-aid-pairing-423d56625683 [last accessed December 2022].

Om Cochlear

Mennesker har altid været Cochlears inspiration, lige siden professor Graeme Clark gik i gang med at skabe det første multikanals-cochlea-implantat efter at have set sin far kæmpe med hørenedsættelse. Siden 1981 har Cochlear leveret mere end 650.000 enheder i mere end 180 lande, og derved hjulpet mennesker i alle aldre over hele verden til at høre. Som førende på verdensplan inden for implanterbare høreløsninger forbinder Cochlear mennesker med livets muligheder og byder dem velkommen til verdens største høreimplantatfællesskab. Cochlear har en global arbejdsstyrke på mere end 4.000 personer med en passion for fremskridt, som stræber efter at opfylde behovene hos mennesker, der lever med hørenedsættelse. Virksomheden skaber løbende fornyelse for at være på forkant med fremtidige behov og har investeret mere end 2 mia. AUD til dato [i forskning og udvikling] for at flytte grænserne for teknologi og hjælpe flere mennesker med at høre. www.cochlear.com


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Karin Walfridsson