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Swedish experts in waste management initiative in Ukraine

Truck emptying garbage in UkraineWaste management in Ukraine

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management and SALAR International are pleased to announce the commencement of a significant pre-study aimed at bolstering waste management efforts in Ukraine. The pre-study, spanning seven months, will play a pivotal role in shaping the strategies and collaborations necessary to improve waste management practices in the country.

The core objectives of this pre-study phase include:

  • Engaging stakeholders and experts to define the project's thematic tracks, assess key areas, and generate potential program ideas.
  • Collaboratively working with local stakeholders to plan and develop a theory of change, as well as formulate overarching objectives for a comprehensive support program.
  • Forging strategic partnerships and outlining collaboration strategies to ensure strong local ownership and anchorage of the program's outcomes.
  • Preparing the groundwork for the program's implementation, including team formation, and the planning of concrete activities.

Important issues are also aligning project suggestions with EU and national strategies and policies for municipal solid waste management in Ukraine, local ownership and sustainability, competences, human rights and gender equality, environment and Climate Change Considerations as well as conflict sensitivity.

– We are extremely pleased and honored to have been awarded this important assignment, in collaboration with SALAR, with the aim of supporting Ukraine in their efforts to improve and develop their waste management. It is a task that is based on the broad competence and expertise that we have within Avfall Sverige together with our members, the municipalities. We look forward to this opportunity to contribute and are confident that it will be a successful journey, where our joint work will make a real difference for the environment, for the resource efficiency and for the Ukrainian people, says Tony Clark, CEO of Avfall Sverige.

­– It is with great pleasure that we undertake this important work in Ukraine together with Avfall Sverige. Our organizations complement each other in a way that has great potential to contribute to Ukraine´s development in terms of municipal waste management, says Ryan Knox, Managing Director of SALAR International.

This preliminary study will result in a multi-year project proposal and contain mapping, proposals for organization, goals, results and budget to be submitted to Sida for further evaluation and development.

For more information: https://bit.ly/3rzHC7V  and https://bit.ly/48zTYh5

Avfall Sverige – Swedish Waste Management                          
Tony Clark, CEO, Tony.clark@avfallsverige.se      
Anna-Carin Gripwall, Head of Communication, acg@avfallsverige.se                                                                                 
SALAR International
Ryan Knox, Managing Director, ryan.knox@skr.se 
Erik Faxgård, Project Leader, erik.faxgard@skr.se                                                                        
Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management Association. Our members – the municipalities and the municipal companies – ensure that waste is collected and treated in a sustainable way. Our vision is Zero waste. We strive to reduce waste, to increase reuse and to provide best possible management for the waste that does emerge. Swedish municipalities are the fascilitators for the transition towards Zero Waste.

SALAR international is the extended arm of SALAR (SKR), the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, in international development cooperation. As an integral part of SALAR, SALAR International seeks to promote sustainable systems of local self-government worldwide, whether it concerns support to nation-wide decentralisation reforms, local democracy, municipal services, EU approximation or development of local government associations. SALAR International has a long history of cooperation with Ukraine, especially since 2014 in its support to the country´s comprehensive decentralisation reforms and administrative services at the local levels. 

Om Avfall Sverige

Avfall Sverige is the Swedish Waste Management Association. Our members – the municipalities and municipal companies – ensure that waste is collected and treated in a sustainable way. Our vision is Zero waste. We strive to reduce waste, to increase reuse and to provide best possible management for the waste that does emerge. Swedish municipalities are the fascilitators for the transition towards Zero Waste.


Tony Clark
Tony Clark
Anna-Carin Gripwall
Anna-Carin Gripwall