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Zeekr’s M-Vision Concept, a glimpse into the future of mobility

Zeekr M-Vision city viewImage of Zeekr M-Vision in city -- side-rear view.

Zeekr’s M-Vision Concept will be shown for the first time in Europe at the eCarExpo in Oslo February 9 to 11.

In November 2022, Geely’s luxury electric mobility brand, Zeekr unveiled its SEA-M architecture, refined from the original Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA). The SEA-M was purposely engineered to support a range of future autonomous mobility products including robotaxis, MPVs, and logistics vehicles. Without the need for a driver, designers and engineers at CEVT and Zeekr Design in Gothenburg, Sweden were given an opportunity to develop vehicles around the riders or users. M-Vision Concept vehicle is what Zeekr designers imagined how some of those vehicles would look.

Zeekr’s M-Vision Concept gives us a glimpse of what the future of mobility will look like – intelligent, friendly, confident and adaptable. The concept vehicle is uniquely designed by the Zeekr design team in Sweden for the sole purpose of Rideshare.

It’s a personal assistant when it comes to mobility, offering many opportunities for its users. M-Vision, will safely take riders where they want to go, offering an effortless and luxurious way to save time.

Designing the exterior, the designers wanted to create a visual experience that would make people feel comfortable, safe and relaxed – like a friendly and trusting friend coming to greet you. Sensors brighten when the car is parked as if inviting riders inside while hinting to the car’s intelligence. Unique “Swipe Doors” were designed for an easy and comfortable ingress/egress while not compromising on safety. When a rider approaches the car, a button on the door illuminates and with a simple touch, the doors will swipe open to let them in. The vehicle’s windows have been elongated, giving passengers a much more extended look, further enhancing the feeling that it is a vehicle designed for passengers.

Inside, the vehicle becomes a mobile living room to entertain friends, a movable office to have meetings, a study room for kids to do their homework, or just a relaxing place to catch up on some sleep. Riders can watch a show on one of the screens or plug in a personal device to catch up on work. The interior can be moved around as they wish, it’s customizable to fit everyone’s needs. A foldaway table is available only when wanted.  M-Vision is not just a car, it’s an extension of each user’s personal space.

To create such a unique space, interior designers stepped away from traditional car design and looked at furniture design for inspiration. They went with an aesthetic that created minimal distraction to enhance openness and cleanliness. Speakers and air vents were hidden away, and buttons and gadgets minimized. To create further comfort, designers chose durable and high-quality wool and fabrics for the seats, with colors and patterns that remind people of home and the office.

M-Vision shows us what autonomous drive is all about, to not have to focus on driving. Placing riders first, Zeekr has given the world a glimpse into what the future of mobility may look like.

About Zeekr

Zeekr is the global premium electric mobility technology brand from Geely Holding Group. Zeekr aims to create a fully integrated user ecosystem with innovation as standard. The brand utilizes Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) and includes its own battery technologies, battery management systems, electric motor technologies and electric vehicle supply chain. Zeekr’s value is equality, diversity, and sustainability. Its ambition is to become a true mobility solution’s provider.


About Zeekr Technology Europe AB

CEVT is the European R&D center for Zeekr, a company within the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Founded in 2013, we are an international company with a vision of contributing to a different and better tomorrow. We do this by driving and developing innovative intelligent vehicle architectures, software solutions and digital mobility services. Automotive is our DNA, smart mobility is our core. Through our world-leading expertise and collaborations, we create innovative technology solutions that contribute to an autonomous, connected and more sustainable future. CEVT's work comes to life in products and services from world-leading brands. CEVT is located at Uni3 By Geely, Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden.


Gunilla Gustavs
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Gunilla Gustavs