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EV Batteries from CEVT given a second life with startup Tech42

Ulrika Westerling Head of Cell Module Pack at CEVTUlrika Westerling Head of Cell Module Pack at CEVT

Ever wondered what happens to prototypes once the product is fully developed? At Cevt we will recycle batteries from our hybrid electric vehicle prototypes with local startup Tech42. Ulrika Westerling, Head of Cell Module Pack at CEVT tells us more.

Could you tell us a little more about this initiative?
Together with Tech42 we have an idea to use batteries at end of life, as an energy storage for other purposes. For example, to use as a buffer for the power grid for times of high load and as an energy reserve at a charging station.

What will Tech42 do with our old EV batteries?
Tech42 will use CEVT batteries as a prototype for several different second-life applications. Their main use will be to integrate different types of batteries into the same energy storage system.

Clearly there is a fantastic sustainability purpose to this, but what else is in it for us at CEVT?
From a business perspective it´s interesting to know what value there is to a used battery. Technically we are interested to know the best way to get this data, and what data will come out of the testing. It´s a great opportunity for the future in this, to be involved in developing technology that can potentially decrease both the cost of recycling batteries and the environmental impact.

What happens now?
Cevt will lend utilized prototype batteries to Tech42 for testing, and Tech42 will come back to us with the results. The biggest challenge, aside from all the paperwork for us to transport them, will be to figure out how to communicate with the batteries.

What do we hope will come out of this in the future?
The hope and goal is to contribute to a more sustainable battery lifecycle. The possibility to utilize used batteries for different areas, is a great opportunity for sustainability.

What are you most proud of in this?
That we can make use of our batteries to their full extent, through long term relationship with partners and a passion for electrification.

Patrik Patrick DuRussel II at Tech42 says:
"Collaborating with CEVT allows us to show the automotive industry that there is more to the world than just vehicles.  Vehicles may transport people, but the battery is the heart of the electric revolution, and we are grateful in being able to showcase different innovative ways in which it can be used in its second life."

And there is more to come, so stay tuned for more upcoming initiatives on recycled electric vehicle batteries and more. 

About Tech42
Tech42 is a startup that uses second life batteries for new purposes as an example takes old batteries and creates energy storage units. It started in 2020 with the mission to save the world and is are located in Gothenburg. 

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