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CEVT hosted AI Sweden’s Executive AI round table on AI trends

AI Sweden’s Executive AI round table on AI trends hostes by CEVT at CEVT, Lindholmen, GöteborgAI Sweden’s Executive AI round table on AI trends hostes by CEVT at CEVT, Lindholmen, Göteborg

CEVT hosted the latest Executive AI round table in collaboration with AI Sweden at CEVT’s office in Lindholmen, Gothenburg. The event brought together around 20 corporate partners from the public sector, academia, and research institutes, to discuss the adoption and development of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

AI is transforming all sectors, including the automotive and mobility industry, and collaboration among companies and sectors is critical to realizing its full potential. By hosting the event, CEVT aimed to accelerate the discussion regarding the adoption and development of AI technologies across all Swedish sectors, both internally and externally. The event encouraged a detailed dialogue about national strongholds, challenges, strategies, and initiatives specific to Sweden's AI development.

"CEVT is proud to collaborate with AI Sweden and other industry executives to exchange ideas and explore collaboration possibilities. This is an important factor in order to stay competitive and provide the best and most relevant services to our customers," said Mats Fägerhag, CEO at CEVT.

CEVT's AI-based technologies utilize human-in-the-loop intelligence to build machine learning models that enhance vehicle performance to achieve a sustainable future. The company believes that the future of AI is to enhance intelligence, increase capabilities, and enable machines to carry out tasks more efficiently within society.

“To improve our customers' quality of life and experiences, we are developing purpose-built technologies to reframe issues rather than simply prescribing a course of action through prediction.”, says Shafiq Urréhman, Main Architect AI technologies.

AI Sweden is the national center for applied AI and brings together more than 100 partners across the public and private sectors as well as academia with a mission to accelerate the use of AI. The collaboration among companies and different sectors is critical to realizing the full potential of AI.

The event demonstrated that collaboration can bring together different perspectives, knowledge, and resources, leading to more innovative and effective solutions in order to to develop and deploy AI-based solutions.

CEVT's participation in AI Sweden is mutually beneficial, given its position as an important stakeholder in the Swedish Automotive R&D sector and global presence. The company has always contributed to greater product variety, and collaboration is a cornerstone in its innovation process.


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CEVT is the European R&D center for ZEEKR, a company within the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. Founded in 2013, we are an international company with a strong vision of contributing to a different and better tomorrow. We do this by driving and developing innovative intelligent vehicle architectures, software solutions and digital mobility services. Automotive is our DNA, smart mobility is our core. Through our world-leading expertise and collaborations, we create innovative technology solutions that contribute to an autonomous, connected and more sustainable future. CEVT's work comes to life in products and services from world-leading brands CEVT is located at UNi3 By Geely, Lindholmen, Gothenburg, Sweden.