2018-06-20 15:58News

CEVT partners in EU project SECREDAS - developing future technologies around safety, security and privacy of automated systems.


Did you know that one in four potential buyers or users of autonomous vehicles in Europe does not trust them to be safe and secure and are reluctant to buy one? This lack of trust is an enormous challenge for European OEMs aiming to remain competitive. In the EU project SECREDAS (Product Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems) 69 partners from 16 countries within in the EU will develop future technologies around safety, security, and privacy of automated systems.

CEVT is one of the partners from Sweden in this €50 million project which will include a reference architecture, powerful components, and common approaches to integration and verification in the automotive, health and rail sectors for which automation is a major challenge with respect to operational safety, personal security, and citizens’ privacy.

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CEVT is an innovation and development center for future technologies of the Geely Group with the purpose of being at the forefront of new developments in mobility The whole industry is now undergoing a transformation with new ways of thinking about the car as a product. CEVT is a fast growing, fast moving and exciting company where no day is like the other – where the challenges of tomorrow are on our working table today. CEVT consists of some 2000 people with offices in Gothenburg and Trollhättan in Sweden. CEVT currently works on projects for the car brands Volvo Cars, Geely Auto and Lynk & Co. CEVT is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group. For more information about CEVT, go to www.cevt.se