2018-04-18 13:00Press release

SWEDISH VR/AR TECH-PIONEER WEC360° IN INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION building on collaboration with Samsung and Epic Games’ Unreal Engine in cost effective solution for a rapidly growing market.

Interior 3D render, from wec360°

Sweden’s leading provider of virtual and augmented reality for real estate, wec360°, is now helming a radical change for the industry building on its collaboration with Samsung and partnering with award winning Epic Games’ legendary Unreal Engine. To launch its international expansion, wec360° gives an open VR Master Class together with Epic Games and Unreal Engine 4, in Warsaw, Poland on April 21.

Swedish wec360° has in a short time made a name for itself as pioneers in the real estate industry, offering sustainable long term solutions for graphic presentations in virtual reality, augmented reality and online systems. With a majority of Sweden's top real estate construction firms as its clients, wec360° now begins its internationalization and opens new representations in Warsaw, Oslo and soon Copenhagen.

“We look forward to a successful international expansion maintaining a strong collaboration with Samsung and adding an integration of the Unreal Engine to our offering. Gaining from the solution and accumulated experience of Samsung and Epic Games’ products, we are certain that we can win a substantial share by bringing a new solution with margin and efficiency that are hard to beat, to the market”, says Per Hjaldahl, founder of wec360°.

Building on an ongoing collaboration with Samsung, the aim is to strengthen the position as a developer for the future. With a horizontal platform for real world solutions, the company is now integrating the cutting edge technology of Epic Games' award winning Unreal Engine 4. wec360° will hence provide a stronger synergy between all parties in the eco system of real estate; Constructor, customer and financing. With this innovation, it can now offer a fully integrated and quicker, scalable process, providing a whole new set of capabilities that radically cuts both costs and time. For a sample of its look and feel, see the teaser link below.

The rise of virtual and augmented reality in real estate presentations over recent years adds significant value in executing an inspirational, safe and comfortable experience for all parties involved, not least bridging the gaps in one of the most important decisions for the private individual. The global market for virtual and augmented reality software and hardware has an estimated value of USD 40 billion for 2020. The investments and funding of young companies are currently hitting an all time high, with Augmented Reality driving the fundraising trend to record levels.

“The collaborative process utilized by wec360° is a great example that meaningful innovation does not happen in a silo. We at Samsung believe in open innovation, through collaboration and partnerships. Meaningful innovations are about simplifying and improving peoples’ lives”, says Hilde Wikström, Senior Business Development Manager at Samsung.


This integration and expansion is set to launch with an open VR Master Class under renowned Unreal 3D artist Fabrice Bourrelly, arranged by wec360° and Epic Games, in Warsaw, Poland on April 21th. Opportunities for Venture Capital meet-ups, press accreditations, visits and interviews are offered on request.

About wec360°

wec360° is the Nordics biggest provider of 3D-visualizations for the architecture- and construction industries, with systems and solutions based on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Among its clients in Sweden may be mentioned leading actors such as Skanska, Peab, JM, Riksbyggen, HSBand Ikano Bostad. During 2018 wec360° initiated a global expansion with clients and representations in United States, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Finland. wec360° is an official partner with Samsung.


Mattias von Corswant
Market and communication
Mattias von Corswant