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New tech to sell property that doesn’t exist

wec360°'s visualization platform combines stunning 3D-graphics with in-depht project information.wec360°'s visualization platform combines stunning 3D-graphics with in-depht project information.

Tech pioneers wec360° to unveil new visualization platform at MIPIM 2020

MIPIM: At this year’s real estate festival MIPIM in Cannes, Swedish tech pioneers wec360° will uncover a visualization platform, built to change the way the real estate industry operates.

Going far beyond the traditional way of presenting real estate projects, the platform combines photos and stunning 3D-visualizations with in-depth project data. It merges advanced technologies such as VR and AR, and makes it available to all, online and on all platforms. The company expect this new way of creating interactivity and engagement around real estate projects to set a new standard in the industry. 

“We wanted to make it really easy to utilize highly advanced presentation technologies for any developer, broker or landlord. With our platform, anyone can provide a seamless presentations that moves prospective customers and clients.” says wec360°’s CEO Tomas Jenneborg.

With this ability to present a development project several years before it is completed, there are some real benefits: "Our visualization platform turns real estate developers and landlords into customer-centric organizations. The platform delivers insights and understanding, resulting in earlier decisions from buyers and tenants. This reduces overall project risk for our customers.”

Marketing standard in Scandinavia
In Sweden, where wec360° began, 36% of all apartments put on the market today are sold using a version of wec360°’s platform. Building on its success in trend-setting Scandinavia, wec360° is now launching an updated platform with the ambition to make a similar impact internationally.

Case: 1245 Broadway, by GDSNY
Renowned architecture firm and developer GDSNY is among wec360°’s first NY-based customers: "In order to preview the exciting design of our boutique class A office development at 1245 Broadway, we have been working with wec360°s platform, including AR and VR. Exceeding our expectations for visualization, our Broadway project has come to life years before it is completed. The technology is strengthening our ability to showcase spaces to our potential tenants and provide a realistic insight into our vision of delivering exceptional working environments to New York”, says Michael Kirchmann, CEO of GDSNY.

VIRTUAL REALITY: Explore 1245 Broadway using wec360°’s Virtual Reality on your computer, phone or tablet.

About wec360°

wec360° is the largest provider of 3D-visualizations for the architecture- and construction industries in the Nordics. During 2020 wec360° takes on a global expansion with clients and representations in United States, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Finland. wec360° is an official partner with Samsung.


Mattias von Corswant
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Mattias von Corswant