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Matt Connors, Chairman of the Board at wec360°Matt Connors, Chairman of the Board at wec360°

Internationally merited tech strategist Matt Connors is the latest star recruitment in the ongoing international expansion of leading Swedish 3D company wec360°.

The dominating player in 3D visualization in the Nordics, wec360°, now announce its latest star recruitment with Matt Connors teaming up as Chairman of the Board for the Swedish company. Connors has a solid professional background from Apple, Macromedia and Adobe, currently topping his list of merits as CEO for Donya Labs, just recently sold to Microsoft for USD 86 000 000. Connors primary assignment is targeted towards enhancing the ongoing international expansion of wec360°.

A household name in the Swedish construction and real estate industries, wec360° has rapidly made a mark as a leading provider of visualizations of both existing and future objects for marketing purposes. As many as a third of all new real estate construction projects in Sweden make use of the companies innovative technology in 3D, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. wec360° is now facing a dynamic expansion in five new international markets; Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and United States.

Swedish based Connors, born, raised and previously working in the United States with an extensive network in the tech industry has a solid background in product development and marketing in the sphere of tech- and 3D on an international level. He has made a name for himself as a prominent strategic architect of scalable businesses. Introduced to wec360° as consultant during late 2018, he will now in his capacity as Chairman of the Board work in close cooperation with the company’s operative management to enhance its internationalization process.

”I am sincerely looking forward to be a part of this journey”, says Matt Connors about his assignment with wec360°. ”What the company has achieved in this limited amount of time is nothing short of impressive both what regards world class clients and the products offered. My interest was caught in an early stage seeing the high ambitions and pace of internationalization by the highly skilled and driven management. I am convinced that wec360° has the very best times coming and my performance will focus on securing the strategically strongest way forward as well as the development of the technology behind”. 

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About wec360°

wec360° is the Nordics biggest provider of 3D-visualizations for the architecture- and construction industries, with systems and solutions based on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Among its clients in Sweden may be mentioned leading actors such as Skanska, Peab, JM, Riksbyggen, HSBand Ikano Bostad. During 2018 wec360° initiated a global expansion with clients and representations in United States, Poland, Norway, Denmark and Finland. wec360° is an official partner with Samsung.


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Mattias von Corswant

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