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CaCharge is expanding into the German market

Patrick Grömig, Country Manager GermanyPatrick Grömig, Country Manager Germany

CaCharge will expand internationally in 2022, starting in Germany in the spring. Patrick Grömig has now taken over as the new Country Manager. Patrick has a solid background in the energy and electric car industry and will establish an organization of dealers around Germany. It is one of Europe's largest countries with about 43 million passenger cars. Today, just over 1 million of them are electric cars and a very rapid electrification of the country's vehicle fleet is underway.

- I have previously worked in the solar energy industry and with energy solutions for properties. For the past six years, I have worked in the electric vehicle industry, including at Zaptec. I have a great interest in technology and really thrive in the electric vehicle industry, says Patrick Grömig, who is based in Frankfurt.

Unique technology and short decision paths

Patrick sees great potential for CaCharge in the German market with its unique offering:

- What appealed to me with CaCharge was partly that it is an entrepreneurial organization with short decision paths and that the company's technology is unique and really stands out in the market. I am really looking forward to putting CaCharge on the map in Germany, says Patrick Grömig.

Electrification of the German vehicle fleet

Patrick has previously worked for international companies that are in the starting blocks for a German establishment and are driven by being involved in building something completely new from scratch.

- Germany is a large country with a population of 83 million and with about 43 million cars. At present, just over 1 million of them are electric cars, but the ambition is for electric cars to account for 30 percent of the country's total vehicle fleet by 2030. CaCharge has a strong offering and the company has potential for exponential growth in the German market in the future, says Patrick Grömig.

Building dealer network

One of his first tasks is to establish a network of dealers around Germany. Another important task is to grow the German organization. All manufacturing and product development will continue to take place in Sweden and CaCharge's German operations will focus on sales and service to the company's German customers.

- So far, I have met a great deal of interest and curiosity about CaCharge and our solutions, which come in handy in the event of large-scale electric car charging, says Patrick Grömig.

Kurt Högnelid, CEO of CaCharge;

- CaCharge is growing strongly in Sweden, where more and more people are opening their eyes to our efficient charging solution. We are now ready to take a big step out into Europe, starting with the German market where the vehicle fleet is now quickly converted to electric. There, just like in Sweden, scalable, efficient and smart charging solutions are needed. We strongly believe in the German market and are very happy to have Patrick Grömig on board as country manager.

Om Waybler

CaCharge is a Swedish company offering a complete electric vehicle charging solution for economic sustainability with minimal administration at everything from apartments, workplaces and property associations to park-and-ride facilities and airports.


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