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Urkund ranked best among support tools for plagiarism detection

Urkund has ranked best in a global test of support tools for plagiarism detection carried out by an acclaimed group of researchers connected to the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI).

Stockholm 2020-02-17 – Universities and schools looking to uphold academic integrity by detecting and preventing plagiarism among their students and researchers need the right tools to do this effectively and efficiently. With many tools available, both free and paid, the working group at ENAI aimed to provide insights based on two main dimensions, coverage and usability.

The test was initiated in 2018 and included 15 software systems. The group used both single-source and multi-source plagiarism, copy-paste, synonym replacements, paraphrasing, and translation, along with various techniques for disguising plagiarism. The results, made public on February 11th 2020, placed Urkund at the very top of all systems tested – deemed best in coverage and a close second in usability.

"We are very happy to see our hard work and dedication result in a leading position in such robust research," says Peter Witasp, Chief Product Officer at Urkund. "It is also good to see the recommendations from the working group validating our research and development."

The fact that many tools were found only to be marginally useful or even unsuited for academic institutions underlines how important tests like these are to the academic community looking to address problems related to plagiarism.

HTW Berlin has provided funding to openly publish the research paper with underlying data and materials accessible via the ENAI website: http://www.academicintegrity.eu/wp/wg-testing/.

About Urkund

Urkund supports academic institutions, secondary schools, and corporations in their institutional effectiveness and quality initiatives by delivering a fully automated system for checking text originality and preventing plagiarism. The software is fully integrated into all major learning management systems and uses advanced machine learning to deliver test-winning accuracy. With 20 years at the forefront of promoting academic integrity, Urkund now serves over 5,000 institutions in nearly 80 countries worldwide. Urkund is privately owned and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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