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VisitJordan: An Underestimated Oasis


Breath-taking scenery, interesting history, delicious food, friendly people and lots of sun and nice beaches are some of the arguments for choosing Jordan as your destination this winter. In addition Jordan is in many ways far more unspoiled than the more traditional winter destinations.

But first of all Jordan is an obvious alternative to Egypt. These days many travelers are rebooking their trip to Egypt with other winter destinations such as Thailand, Mexico and the Canary Islands. And if you like the idea of avoiding jetlag and still get some experiences that are more breathtaking than usual – then Jordan is definitely worth looking at.


The city of Aqaba is located in the southern part of Jordan. Here you can enjoy a traditional beach holiday at the Red Sea with excellent opportunities for snorkeling or diving excursions. Aqaba offers a wide range of cafes and restaurants and is ideal for those who want to experience the local environment while still having the opportunity to relax in the sun.

14 km south from Aqaba you find the new and fashionable area Tala Bay with luxurious hotels lying side by side reflecting themselves in the turquoise blue water. Tala Bay is truly a place for relaxation. Tala Bay has a beautiful marina with a fine selection of cafes and restaurants.

If you choose to stay in the Aqaba-area you easily visit Jordan’s major sights- Wadi Rum and Petra – which also are situated in the south part of Jordan.

Wadi Rum

The majority of Jordan consists of desert and Wadi Rum is located in the southern part and is now made ​​a national park. Wadi Rum is a popular excursion for visitors and the scenery of the desert here is breathtaking. The sand as well as the magnificent rocks is changing their colors as the day goes by – golden at sunrise and glowing red at sunset.

Most people choose to visit the beautiful desert in a jeep, but it is also possible to come around riding on a camel. On most of the visitor tours you get the chance to see a Bedouin camp, and if you feel for it you can sleep one or two nights in the desert.


Jordan has many amazing attractions to offer. But the ancient city of Petra is one of Jordan’s national treasures and absolutely a MUST SEE. Petra is more than 2000 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is something magical about Petra and its beautiful and artistic ornate facades. Recently Petra has become a popular place for people who like to do yoga and meditation. But who can think of a better place to do yoga or to meditate than to sit on the old walls of Petra watching the sun rises over the desert and its mountains and valleys?

How to go there

It takes 5 hours to fly from Denmark to Jordan and 6 hours from the rest of Scandinavian, which is the same time as it takes to e.g. The Canary Islands.

Several Danish and Scandinavian travel agencies arrange trips to Jordan:

Apollo has direct charter flight to Jordan from Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. With Apollo you can get hotels in Aqaba and Tala Bay, and they arrange tours to Jordan’s major sights.  Two people can get away 1 week from 3073 DKK per person.

Albatros, Stjernegaard and Nyhavn Rejser offer cruises of 8-11 days starting in the North and ends in the South, thus giving a full impression of Jordan’s many treasures.

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