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Mark Wahlberg chooses DOOH

Mark Wahlberg’s family-owned restaurant chain “Wahlburgers” was looking for a digital signage solution for his business a few years ago. He found what he was looking for and more.

Mark became more and more involved in the company that solved the needs of the family-owned restaurant chain and has now entered as an “advisor” in the digital signage company.The tech company engaged Mark so much that he wanted to step in as an advisor. Their system turns TV screens (in restaurants, among other things) into interactive screens that allow restaurants to deepen the customer journey for visitors. they achieve this through content and communication that is updated live and lets visitors participate. of offers etc. that are current.

Just like TVM and our product TVM PLAY, the user (restaurant owner / staff) has access to ready-made templates and design possibilities directly in the app. This makes all the content that the restaurant creates and uploads on their screens look fantastic and creates immediate value for the restaurant.

Mark Wahlberg’s entry into DOOH and digital signage again shows the growth we are facing. Chalkboards and table savers in the restaurant industry are about to be replaced by digital signages and other interactive technical solutions. They look great and communicate to guests and visitors in a way that has not been possible before.

Communication in restaurants no longer needs to look the same and be static. Nowadays all communication can be done digitally and with moving content which creates fantastic opportunities for both the restaurants and brands that want to communicate with guests and visitors.

TVM’s digital Out Of Home advertising network, TVM DOOH, works with the biggest brands in beverage such as: Jägermeister, Jameson, Southern Comfort to name a few and gives these brands the opportunity to appear in restaurants and bars at targeted groups that are directly linked to purchases.

As an example TVM creates DOOH Ad spots (commercials) with tips on drinks where the restaurant itself can set its own price. These Ad spots then roll on a digital signage screen that hangs behind the bar or at key locationa around the venue and most importantmy engaging the consumer who is going to place their order. It’s unique!

TVM DOOH also works with iGaming companies such as Fanduel and Foxbet.
Similarly TVM DOOH can create storytelling in restaurants and bars with the help of Ad spots for iGaming.This also give the iGaming companies match tables with live odds that allow players to be up to date with odds that apply before match starts.
As we know, gambling is often a social phenomenon that is often conducted at bars and restaurants.

With TVM DOOH, iGaming companies communicate directly to players in a social environment. This too is unique! Other industries such as Travel & Transportation are of interest to TVM DOOH.

We tested a campaign with UBER. This resulted in a 25% increase in travel in the area where the campaign rolled on bars and restaurants.

The fact that Mark Wahlberg is now an advisor to the tech company does not only give DOOH some luxury and flair. It shows the fantastic growth the industry is facing.
According to market surveys from Statista, there are 10,000 restaurants and bars in Sweden.

In the US which is TVM’s second market, there are 1,000,000 restaurants and bars.
We clearly see the need and opportunities with digital signage in the restaurant and bar environment are large and will continue to grow strongly for many more years.

TVM DOOH - A media network with Digital signage in restaurants and bars in the USA and Sweden.

TVM Play - Bartech for restaurants and bars that allows you to communicate and create content on digital signages.

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Christian Eriksson
Christian Eriksson