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Transcontinenta Group appointed as the exclusive distributor of FALCAM

FALCAM accessories for film makers FALCAM accessories for film makers

Transcontinenta Group is proud to announce to be appointed as the exclusive distributor of the FALCAM brand for The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Austria. Since 2020, FALCAM has focused on developing, designing and manufacturing practical solutions for video equipment. With the product philosophy 'small but extraordinary, simple but efficient', FALCAM develops practical and ingenious products of superior quality that help content creators improve their flexibility, efficiency and workflow.

The name 'FALCAM' is a fusion of the words 'Falcon' and 'Camera' and stands for speed, creativity and originality. FALCAM helps content creators spend less time on those tedious preparations for shoots and instead be able to concentrate fully on their creation.

All FALCAM products can be linked together without the need of additional tools or resources. Even for one person, working with multiple cameras, it is easy and simple to operate the equipment to optimally capture every important moment. The ease and speed with which a specific camera set-up can be created or changed is simply amazing and will instantly appeal to many filmmakers or photographers. FALCAM's products and solution are already highly praised by professional filmmakers and photographers on various media platforms.

The FALCAM assortment is currently divided into 4 product categories:

  • Camera Cages
  • F22 Quick Release System
  • F38 Quick Release System
  • Geartree System
FALCAM Camera Cages

Each FALCAM Camera Cage is specially custom-made for a certain brand and type of camera. This way, all camera buttons and switches remain free for use and changing a battery is no problem at all. Without a Camera Cage, a camera actually has very few attachment points for expansion. The ergonomic design of each FALCAM Camera Cage ensures a comfortable grip even during prolonged use. In addition to a perfect fit, the sturdy and durable cages also provide instant extra protection for the camera.

What makes a FALCAM Camera Cage unique is that, besides the fact that the cage is already equipped with many attachment points, it can be combined with all accessories of both the FALCAM F22 and the F38 Quick Release System. No screws or nuts are used, but with one simple click a specific quick-release plate, extra grip, lever or accessory foot is attached to the cage. And also just as quickly removed and replaced again to optimise the camera for the next shoot. Changing from a horizontal to vertical shooting position can be done by the content creator in no time. Each FALCAM Camera Case features a luxurious sandblasted anodised surface treatment, in Monet grey, which shows off the technological aesthetics at different light angles.

FALCAM F22 Quick Release System

The FALCAM F22 Quick Release System is built around a 22mm wide quick release plate for the FALCAM Camera Cage, making the entire system smaller and lighter. To secure all F22 accessories, they can be easily slid on top of each other and instantly released at the touch of a button. So without the tricky and time-consuming screwing or tightening of parts. In no time at all, the numerous F22 Quick Release accessories can be attached to the Camera Cage or to each other.

The F22 range includes numerous very practical accessories for the creative and mobile filmmaker or photographer. These include various top and side handles for mounting on a FALCAM Camera Cage or a DJI or Zhiyun gimbal, tilt and swivel cold shoes for monitors, microphones and lights, quick release plates and magic arms. There are also specific accessories that can be combined with GoPro and Insta360 Action Cameras, for example, various professional-quality suction cups, for use on autos, boats, etc., which are fully compatible with the F22 Quick Release System.

FALCAM F38 Quick Release System

The reference of the FALCAM F38 Quick Release System is that it is built around a 38mm wide quick release plate, making it compatible with Arca Swiss. As with the FALCAM F22 Quick Release System, all F38 products are easy clicked together and also quickly released at the touch of a button. With Arca Swiss compatibility and standard 1⁄4 and 3⁄8-inch threads, the F38 products can be used with a wide range of video and photographic equipment.

The FALCAM F38 Quick Release System category includes various kits, a kit for attaching to the shoulder strap of a backpack or camera strap, kits for DJI and Zhiyun gimbals and a plate with double screws. And of course all Arca Swiss compatible so optimal to combine with already existing cameras', tripods or other accessories the content creator already uses. All F38 products ensure that every filmmaker or photographer can concentrate 100% on content creation. Without having to deal with the time-consuming screwing in and out of the necessary camera set-up again and again.

FALCAM Geartree System

The FALCAM Geartree System is a revolutionary all-in-one solution for any content creator, YouTuber, live streamer, podcaster or gamer. Super quick and easy, the most ideal audio and video setup can be set up at home or in the studio. The modular Geartree System includes a variety of products such as mounts, adapters, brackets, clamps and other accessories, which can be quickly placed and adjusted with a single click according to creative needs. The incredible versatility is reflected, among other things, in the fact that all elements can be adjusted with one hand to easily change the position and angle of the devices one uses.

And the great thing about the Geartree System is that 'drilling' and 'screwing' is never needed again. All basic components and accessories are made of durable aluminium and stainless steel. The possibilities around setting up frequently used equipment such as camera, microphone, monitors, lights, etc., for YouTube, live streaming or gaming are endless and can be attached to a desk, for example, in no time at all. Content creators working at home or in the studio can quickly and tightly fold all their equipment around the durable main column after use for minimal storage, making their creative workspace just 0.02 square metres. The FALCAM Geartree System thus increases productivity, makes it easy for the user and keeps the necessary equipment always within reach. And let's face it......its a good habbit to keep the place tidy right?

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Filming with a system camera is popular, the image quality is superb and the price is relatively affordable. But achieving the perfect shot can sometimes be a challenge. A camera rig offers comfort and efficiency here, but screwing a rig together can be a time-consuming task that gets frustrating in the long run. Fortunately, there are the innovative camera rig accessories from FALCAM that address this annoyance.


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