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Professional Audio with Godox WMicS1 and LMS-12 AXL Microphone

Godox WMicS1 and LMS-12 AXL Microphone

With these new audio products, accessories specialist the Transcontinenta Group is expanding the range of professional solutions from Godox. The Godox WMicS1 microphone system and the Godox LMS-12 AXL lavalier microphone deliver a reproduction that is as close as possible to the sound of the source.

Thanks to the UHF frequency band, the system protects particularly well against interference and thus ensures professional recording in different situations, such as live-streaming, outdoor interviews or conference lectures. The 96 freely selectable channels make it possible to operate several systems in parallel without them interfering with each other. The range is up to 100m. The user can follow the recording at any time via headphones. A stereo mono switch can be used for different application scenarios and facilitates post-processing of the recordings. The volume can be adjusted over 30 levels; a mute function efficiently reduces possible interference and thus supports the production of broadcast-quality sound recordings. The WMicS1 microphone system is compatible with smartphones, cameras, camcorders, PCs, mixers, and recorders.

Two different kits are available: Either the system is delivered with one microphone, one transmitter TX1 and one portable receiver RX1 or with two microphones, two transmitters TX1 and one receiver RX1.

Godox Lavalier-Mikrofon LMS-12 AXL

The LMS-12 AXL omnidirectional lavalier microphone is an ideal complement to the microphone system. The LMS-12 AXL has a 1.2 m cable and a 3.5 mm TRS jack plug with screw lock. The microphone is characterized by its high sensitivity, noise cancellation and wide frequency response. The microphone body is made of an aluminium alloy and thus guarantees a long durability. Thanks to the clip, the microphone can be easily attached and holds securely in place.

Key features of the WMicS1:
  • Microphone system consisting of microphone, transmitter, receiver in a practical bag
  • UHF frequency band for interference-free recordings and transmissions
  • 96 freely selectable channels for operating several systems
  • Up to 100 m range
  • 30 volume levels
  • Mute function
  • Compatible with smartphones, cameras, camcorders, PCs, mixers, and recorders
Key features of the LMS-12 AXL:
  • Lavalier microphone with 3.5 mm TRS jack plug with screw lock
  • 1.2 m long cable
  • high sensitivity
  • Noise cancellation
  • Wide frequency response
  • Clip attachment

The new audio products from Godox are now available in stores in the UK, Ireland and Germany.

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