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For 75 years, B+W Filter stands for top quality "Made in Germany".

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Transcontinenta BV, distributor of B+W Filters in the Netherlands, today congratulates B+W Filter, the renowned German brand for amateur and professional photographers, on their 75th anniversary.

This is a festive occasion to both look back and marvel at very successful three quarters of a century, during which the company has established a worldwide reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality and innovative filters. 

Filters are indispensable accessories for all those who expect more from their photography than the standard fare. The right filters help photographers to express themselves and transport their message, for instance by enhancing colors, dramatizing contrasts, or creating special effects. The possibilities are incredibly diverse. 

This is a fact which was already known to Walter Biermann and Johannes Weber in the 1940s. And so, in July 1947, they founded the “Optische Spezialwerkstätten Biermann + Weber” in Berlin. This marks the birth of the B+W Filter brand. After their move to Wiesbaden in 1958, the search for further technical innovations quickly led to a cooperation with Jos. Schneider Optische Werke (Schneider-Kreuznach) who took over business in 1985. 

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The development of the MRC coating marks a major milestone in the history of B+W Filter. In the mid-1990s, the brand was the first manufacturer worldwide to introduce this technology. And up to today, it is still one of the best coatings on the market. In the 2000s, further research and improvements led to the launch of the MRC nano coating, which brought the anti-reflection technology to a whole new level. In 1988, B+W Filter expanded its portfolio by special polarization filters, developed by the German pioneer Erwin Käsemann. 

The quality standards of B+W Filter are state-of-the-art and continuously updated. The heart of every B+W Filter is a polished and finely ground glass substrate. Even the smallest deviations make a big difference in the result of the filters. That is why the strive for high quality standards and further innovations is a matter of prime importance to the German brand. 

Today, B+W Filter is celebrating its 75th birthday in a suitable manner and is thinking first and foremost of its customers. Thus, the anniversary year has started very promising by the launch of two new filter lines - BASIC (replacing the F-Pro line) and MASTER (replacing XS-Pro). B+W Filter also introduced a new packaging concept containing high-quality genuine leather cases. And on top, the German brand has once more invested in new safety standards and presented an optimized safety label, to guarantee the authenticity of its filters. Finally, B+W Filter herewith announces a big surprise for the second half of the year. 

Milestones of B+W Filter 
  • 1 July 1947 
    Founded in Berlin Johannes Weber and Walter Biermann "Optische Spezialwerkstätten Biermann + Weber". 

  • 9 April 1985 
    Take-over by "Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH Bad Kreuznach“ (Schneider-Kreuznach) 

  • 1990 
    Launch Polarizing Filter according to Käsemann (KSM) 

  • 1996 
    Introduce of MRC coating 

  • 2002 
    Launch Soft Pro 

  • 2004 
    Launch Digital Pro 

    Launch MRC nano coating 

  • 2014 
    Introduce "HTC High Transmission Circular Käsemann-Polarizer 

  • 2018 
    Introduce of rotating filter mount with upgraded finish for smooth operation 

  • 2020 
    Launch T-Pro 

  • 2021 
    Introduce BASIC and MASTER 

  • 2022 
    75 years of B+W Filter 

About the Schneider Group: 

The Schneider Group is specialized in the development, production, and manufacturing of high-performance lenses as well as filter systems for the photo, film, and industrial sectors. The main brand "Schneider-Kreuznach" stands for leading technology from Germany for decades. Our applications in industry include optical inspection and 3D measurement. In the film industry, we have won the Scientific and Technical Award (so-called „technology Oscar“) several times with our products, and photographers appreciate our B+W filters. The Schneider Group includes Jos. Schneider Optische Werke GmbH, founded in Bad Kreuznach in 1913, the subsidiary of the same name in Singapore, and the companies Schneider Optics (New York, Los Angeles), Schneider Optical Technologies (Shenzhen) and Schneider Asia Pacific (Hong Kong). The Schneider Group employs around 500 people worldwide, 315 of them work at the German headquarter. headquarters. 

For a very comprehensive overview of all available B+W filters and their applications, please visit the B+W Filter website.

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