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Blue Tees Golf expands in Western Europe with Transcontinenta Group

Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max

The Transcontinenta Group is happy to announce that it has been appointed as the master distributor of Blue Tees Golf for Western Europe. Blue Tees Golf is without a doubt the fastest growing golf rangefinder brand and best known for their highly acclaimed state-of-the-art top model Series 3 Max rangefinder.

Blue Tees Golf was founded in 2019, and is based on the premise that golf equipment can be great quality without a high price tag. Nevertheless, Blue Tees Golf rangefinders are packed with the kind of technology you would expect from a modern golf rangefinder.

Marc Overton, Sales Director EMEA said: “I’m particularly proud and determined that Blue Tees Golf will also be a huge success across Western Europe. Having spent many years in the optical industry and in particular of late the distance measuring device category in golf, this brand breathes new life into an already busy market. To stand out from the crowd you need elite quality features, value for money, key innovation and a brand identity. Blue Tees Golf delivers on all these levels in so many forms. It’s exciting and challenging to be part of the global team on this journey and to work with the brand and a value added distributor like the Transcontinenta Group, as both have huge ambitions”

Blue Tees Golf brand promise

Blue Tees Golf built their brand on the core tenets of unparalleled customer experience, modern design, advanced technology and high-end features. As such they have a very straightforward and customer centric brand promise:

  • provide an unparalleled premium end-to-end consumer experience from packaging, to purchase funnel to customer support for all customers
  • ruthless focus on designing golf technology & accessories for the modern golfer that make the game more enjoyable
  • keep customers at the center of all decisions and promise, to the best of their ability, to provide the highest quality / value products on the market
A glance at the top Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max rangefinder

The top-of-range Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max laser boasts x7 magnification and has a range of features, including Adaptive Slope. This takes the player’s elevation, in comparison to the target, into account and can be switched off for competition play by using the button on the side. The active Flag Lock function ensures that the laser quickly locks onto the intended target, rather than a tree or object directly behind it and delivers a gentle pulse when the target is secured. The Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max also has an Auto-Ambient Display that automatically adjusts the colour, to ensure the display is crystal clear in all conditions. The industry leading built-in magnetic strip allows golfers to attach the rangefinder to the struts of a buggy, trolley or any other metallic surface for easy transport and fast access. Available in the colours Blue, Black and Rose, the Series 3 Max has a very competitive advised retail price of just € 269,99.


The fast majority of the Blue Tees Golf rangefinders and other relevant golf accessories are on stock and available for sales at the Transcontinenta Group. Please get in contact with your local sales representative for further details.

About Blue Tees Golf

They are without a doubt the fastest growing golf rangefinder brand. Blue Tees Golf started by four friends in 2019 and has a simple strategy: to create premium performance products at an affordable price. By utilizing a consumer first strategy and its industrial design expertise, the brand cuts out complex operations to create high-quality, high-performance golf products at a fraction of the price of the competition. All Blue Tees Golf rangefinders are packed with the kind of technology you would expect from a modern product and comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Blue Tees Golf motto: “Save your money & have fun as you play more rounds with Blue Tees Golf on your golf bag”.

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