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Sweef Furniture launches new website

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Sweef Furniture unveils next-level interior shopping experience with the launch of a new website and eCommerce platform. With a wide range of tools that enables customization including a user-friendly 3D tool, which aims to revolutionize the way people shop for interior products. 

Sweef, a leading provider of customizable furniture and sofas, is proud to announce the re-launch of their highly anticipated website, sweef.se, sweef.no, and sweef.de. This major undertaking marks a significant milestone as they aim to revolutionize the way people shop for interior products.

The new website, developed as an ongoing project, represents the commitment to enhancing the customer experience and taking interior shopping to the next level. Starting with the release of version 1, the company plans to continue evolving and extend the website through various stages throughout the year.

The highlight of the new website is its extensive range of customization options. Customers can explore thousands of different combinations, by choosing from many different colors and fabrics, to create their personal furniture. Togheter with CharpstAR Sweef offers a state-of-the-art 3D tool that enables users to visualize and interact with their custom creations, providing a truly immersive shopping experience.

To bring this ambitious project to life, Sweef collaborated with ZCO Stockholm, a renowned partner known for their expertise within ecommerce development. Together with Sweef's internal e-commerce team, the team worked tirelessly to build a robust and intuitive structure that aligns with Sweef's visions and pioneering ideas.

The frontend development of the website was executed using Next.js, a powerful and modern framework that ensures a seamless and responsive user interface. Sweef has also partnered with Crystallize, for e-platform and CMS, to ensure the website's performance and stability.

Visit the new website to explore the possibility of customizing your dream sofa.

Om Sweef Furniture | Sverige

Sweef is an e-commerce company that entered the market in 2011. The goal is to sell quality furniture at reasonable prices through efficient logistics and a focus on selected models. Sweef is present on markets in Sweden, Norway and Germany.


 Linda Fernell
PR Manager
Linda Fernell