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RLVNT Distribution has signed agreement with Paingone

RLVNT Distribution AB continues to expand their portfolio of brands. Now introducing Paingone to the Nordic market. Paingone invents products that treat different pain conditions and is a brand with rapid growth globally.


Since 2010, Paingone has been introduced to a truly global audience, with over 1.9 million units sold around the world to date. Today, Paingone is a trusted brand for pain relief, offering a range of products to treat different painful conditions. Brand new for 2020 are Aegis, designed specifically to treat chronic lower back pain, and Qalm, a new therapy that alleviates migraine and can even help prevent their occurrence.


“We are pleased to add Paingone to our portfolio of brands. It is a good way to treat pain without medication. You get an instant response using Paingone and it is easy to bring with you anywhere. We are looking forward to putting these products on the Nordic market”, says Martin Liljegren, Founder RLVNT Distribution AB.


Good reputation, professionalism and commitment were strong factors why Paingone chose RLVNT to represent them on the Nordic market.

“We know they can make a very positive impact on the provision of brands they represent throughout Scandinavia and we cannot wait to see the results. I was particularly impressed with the enthusiasm of all of the team from the word go and I really feel that this is a great time to take our brand to the next level, and this is an excellent partnership to make it happen,” says Jason Timms, Managing Director Paingone.


Paingone will be launched and available in the Nordics from November 1st.




About RLVNT Distribution

RLVNT Distribution is the number one distributor and specialist in wearables and sports technology in the Nordics. We are a young, entrepreneurial company driven by our passion for fitness, innovation, health, wearables, hearables and technology. We bring relevant products to the Nordic and Benelux markets through sales offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, France and the Benelux. We have had a strong and rapid growth since the start in 2012. With more than 35 years experience in the distribution industry, RLVNT is the leading distributor of technology products to small and big resellers in all the Nordic and Benelux countries. We pride ourselves in distributing innovative products from world leading and respectable brands such as Marshall, Hyperice, Powerdot, Withings and Wahoo.


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Victoria Fredrikson

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