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Chief Spirit Officer Mathias Tönnesson with the Vodka Masters of the world Trophy awarded at "The Spirits Magazine awards" in Cannes 2019Chief Spirit Officer Mathias Tönnesson with the Vodka Masters 2019 Trophy and the Best organic vodka in the world 2019 by ISC, the Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve Vodka

PRESS RELEASE                                                                                                       MALMÖ, Sweden – October 4, 2019


Purity Vodka has been named the best vodka in the world, 2019, and awarded "The Vodka Master" prize by The Spirits Business Magazine at the Travel Retail Fair in Cannes, France. 


Purity Vodka announced today that it has been awarded “The Vodka Master 2019” prize by the leading spirit trade publication, The Spirits Business Magazine.  Every year, The Vodka Masters competition is held to find and reward the finest vodka brands on the world stage. Chaired by The Spirits Business panel of leading specialists, the vodkas are judged in a blind tasting and assessed on appearance, aroma, flavor and balance, with the goal of discovering the Vodka Master of the year.


Mathias Tönnesson, Chief Spirit Officer of the Purity Distillery says: 

As an organic producer with a focus on smaller-batch handcrafted vodka, we’re fighting the ‘assembly line’ methods of our competitors, where our total production does not even match their spills. So, we’re very proud to be recognized for our dedication to craftsmanship. This is extremely exciting for us, proving that our distillation methods across our portfolio are of outstanding quality.”


“To this day, we have won more than 229 blind tasting awards, but the most important recognition is when individual consumers choose Purity Organic Vodka, neat or for their cocktails, and really discover the smoothness and fantastic flavors that only exceptional vodka can offer.”


Notes to editors

Product name: Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve 40% ABV available in 70 cl, 75 cl, 100 cl and 175 cl

Tasting Notes: Creamy, rich and full-bodied with aromas of pastry bread and a sweet and salty finish.


Based at the 13th Century Ellinge Castle, in southern Sweden, Purity Vodka is made exclusively from organic ingredients including Swedish winter wheat and malted barley. Master Distiller, Stefan Magnusson, slowly distills the heart of each batch 17, 34 or 51 times, resulting in a spirit so refined that no filtration is necessary. Each bottle is then individually numbered, recognizing its heritage and the award-winning craftsmanship inside.

About Purity Distillery

Other vodkas may utilize similar ingredients, but Purity Vodka’s distinction can be found in the multiple distillation process by which the chosen ingredients are blended and refined. Our handmade 600-liter copper still can be found at the 13th century Ellinge Castle in Southern Sweden, where our Master Blender uses select, organic ingredients to slowly distill each batch of the heart until the signature character and complexity is achieved. Each small batch of the heart of the vodka is distilled 17, 34 or 51 times to achieve perfect refinement, leaving only the bold, natural flavours and character of this outstanding vodka. The refined distillate is then carefully reduced by using a mix of column spirit made from organic Swedish winter wheat, deionized water and natural mineral rich water, opening up the spirit and allowing the taste and aroma to fully bloom on the palate. Each bottle produced is individually numbered, recognizing its small batch heritage and reflecting the award-winning spirit inside.


Arwind Malhotra
Marketing & Communications Director
Arwind Malhotra