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New Purity Design - when taste matters

The Purity Distillery 2020 LineupThe Purity Distillery 2020 Lineup



Purity, the Swedish distillery behind the world's best tasting organic vodka, has launched three new varieties of gin this year and refined its iconic bottle design symbolizing ‘The perfect cut’* – the distillation process used to extract the heart of the spirit.

“Purity's focus on sustainability has been a key inspiration behind the redesign of our bottle, which we believe is equally memorable to its predecessor, but much better for the environment. The new design also gave us a chance to communicate the specific taste values that we emphasize, and provides better visibility both on the store shelf and in the bar environment, which has been a wish from our larger retailers in the US,” says Arwind Malhotra, Marketing Manager at Purity Distillery.


“Greater legibility, sustainable packaging, and a continued sense of aesthetics have contributed to the brand refresh. Purity's Creative Director, Daniel Pålsson, was instrumental in visualizing each product's core values – the craft, organic raw materials, and the many gold medals (+229, but who is counting…) awarded the brand for creating the world's best organic vodka. In addition, the labels now allow a clearer distinction between the products – as it distinguishes the taste of the spirits distilled either 17, 34, or 51 times,” Arwind Malhotra continues.


“Our Master Blender, Mathias Tönnesson, has added the individual characteristics of each product so you can really understand the specific taste. The content is the same, and Purity is still a Swedish, family-owned sustainable craft brand from the field to the bottle.”



For more information on individual products and samples please contact: Arwind Malhotra, (+46) 0708-709500, a.malhotra@puritydistillery.com



**Distillation specific tern that describes Purity Master Distiller Stefan Magnusson work to manually separate the main three parts of the Purity Destillation Process   

1. The Head, Methanol

2. The Heart – the flavorful drinkable award-winning spirit

3. The Tail Ethanol with bi-products.





About Purity Distillery

As a family-owned business, all of our spirits begin in our handmade 600-liter copper still which can be found at the 13th century Ellinge Castle in Southern Sweden. Here, our Master Distiller uses only select, organic ingredients to slowly distill each batch until the heart of the spirit has the required character and complexity. This handcrafted, time-consuming approach is necessary to create spirits that are refined enough to be considered ‘best in class’. Each bottle produced is then numbered, recognizing its small-batch heritage, reflecting the award-winning spirit inside.


Arwind Malhotra
Marketing & Communications Director
Arwind Malhotra