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Hyperbolic Stretching Review: Is it Legit or a Scam?

Hyperbolic stretchingHyperbolic stretching

We all love to have a solid and sound body. However, it requires some effort to achieve that, and we slack off in doing so. Also, the conventional ways of having a fit body include heavy weight lifting, tough workouts, etc., and we are mostly not potent enough to carry out such tasks.

To get a fit and healthy body, you need to work on your athletic performance by increasing your stamina and strength. The Hyperbolic Stretching program is something that values your thought in such a case. It helps to increase muscle flexibility giving a muscular and strong body.

Alex Larsson (professional flexibility and core strength expert) is the man behind the Hyperbolic Stretching program. He is trying to help everyone build body flexibility and improve athletic skills by spending a few minutes per day.

It is a simple 30 days program having simple and highly effective 8-minute routines that need to be done at least four times per week for rapid muscle flexibility.

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What is Hyperbolic Stretching?

Hyperbolic Stretching is a no-equipment Video-based program that focuses on increasing flexibility and reciprocates muscle inhibition, training you to improve your muscles strength taking eight minutes a day, four times a week. This one-month program is gender-specific, with different movements for men and women depending on their bodies.

Alex Larsson, famous for his fast, proven flexibility and enhancement with clients, created this stretching program from the old Asian methods.  For decades, fitness masters have preached the benefit of Stretching that warms muscles up, decreases pain, or improves recovery.

Your expert trainer Alex Larsson uses stretching techniques that unlock your body's potential for gains in strength and flexibility. It won't be wrong to say that this 30-day program is a solution to poor flexibility and mobility.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

The Hyperbolic Stretching program is based on the idea that one can transform full-body flexibility in four weeks taking eight minutes a day, especially focusing on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles. As we mentioned above, it is a gender-specific technique promoting different stretching techniques for men and women taking their distinct fitness goals.

One of the many claims of this program is it is suitable for beginners as well as experts. All you have to do is correctly using your arms and legs as stabilizing or support. The Hyperbolic Stretching modifications and progress throughout the 30 days of muscle flexibility consists the following:

Complete Side Splits Video Series

This program takes you through from beginner to advanced levels with an easy schedule. You will know how to open and calm your hips, power up strength and arrive at your maximum capacity for a wide range of center splits. In addition, this no-equipment workout will let you find ways to get maximum flexibility, giving you command over the most troublesome moves.

Complete Front Splits Video Series

Aims at making your hamstrings and hip flexors completely elastic while elevating their potential. This practice is ideal for beginners as well as advanced practitioners to assist you with relieving your back, boost lower body strength, and further develop your body act.

Dynamic Flexibility For High Kicks

This daily 8 minutes stretching routine improve your strength and gain full lower body elasticity for high-speed 180-degree split kicks. However, you need to implement it into your routine and complete it in the required period to get the desired results. In addition, you'll know why flexibility helps increase blood flow, maximize the ROM, and speed up kicking speed.

Upper Part Stretching

Hyperbolic Stretching for upper body part is for anyone who needs to restore flexibility or recover from a training injury. Find how to develop flexibility of your biceps, triceps, shoulders viably, and other muscles utilizing protected and steady methodology.

Pike Mastery & Front Bending

It is a tricky stretching position that significantly builds the adaptability of the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. You will also discover how to achieve this position in less than three weeks regardless of whether you've never stretched before.

Easy Bridge & Back Bending

Viable for people of all ages and body types, this stretching technique improves shoulder movement, strengthens your biceps and triceps, and makes your abs solid and flexible. The potential to do a full bridge also assists with improved dancing, kicking, and other technical moves relieving spinal strain at the same time.

What Are the Advantages of Hyperbolic Stretching?

As the Hyperbolic Stretching has different man and women versions, there can be different results for a man and the man; however, basic results will be the same. You don't need any weights, gym, or exercise equipment to perform this program.  Your active body and a room to experience the videos are all it requires. The general benefits of this stretching program which are common in both men and women, are listed below:

Improves Flexibility

Various studies reveal that Stretching causes an increase in hip mobility. However, the hyperbolic Stretching results are no different from other stretching methods, i.e., static and PNF stretching. It helps to increase muscle flexibility giving a muscular and strong body.

Strengthen Muscles

It may strengthen your muscles, but it is not applicable in all cases. It would help if you had a good diet along with that to get the very best results. However, all types of Stretching could effectively increase muscular strength, especially after a workout.

Increases ROM (range of motion)

The dynamic stretches of Hyperbolic Stretching help you develop a greater ROM. In simpler words, your muscle mobility will be increased.

May Give Confidence

Many studies support that physical fitness (including flexibility) may have a positive effect on your self-esteem. When you do regular physical activity, you remain healthy and active, and your health improves. In addition, it boosts your self-esteem giving much confidence.

Give An Energy Boost

Hyperbolic Stretching may also give you great stamina and energy, but stretching for longer durations may give opposite results.

Easily Customizable

One great benefit of this program is that it is easily customizable as per your fitness level. In addition, it is gender-specific because males and females have their distinct body needs and fitness goals. So, you can easily switch to your desired stretches that enable you to unshackle your maximum performance potential in just four weeks.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Safe?

Yes, Hyperbolic Stretching is safe and don’t stress your muscles as it is of a shorter span. Stretching is an essential part of warming up, and it relieves the stressed muscles. However, it must be for a short time to prevent muscle injury.

Research suggests that regular Stretching is more effective in muscle flexibility as compared to Stretching per session. Thus, this program's 8 minutes of Stretching per day are far better than one 15-minute session per week.

Your expert Alex Larsson specially designed the hyperbolic Stretching in smaller splits, i.e., 8 minutes a day, considering that low intensity stretching may improve all kinds of ROM more than moderate or high intensity stretching do.

How Much Does the Hyperbolic Stretching Cost?

The Hyperbolic Stretching program teaches simple techniques taking in 21 videos by taking merely 8 minutes of your daily routine. It claims to improve your flexibility drastically and offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you don't see the expected outcomes. The 30-Day Hyperbolic Stretching Video Program has long-lasting benefits on overall health and performance, energy, and muscles. It equally benefits males, females, and athletes, whether beginners or advanced learners.

You can access this course via its official website, where you can also get discounts of around 80%. Applied with success to over 300,000 members, it offers $27 and provides the result it promises. The payment method is easy and safe. In addition, it is a digital program that excludes the shipping cost and saves your money.

It is a risk-free investment as we already said that it offers 60 days money-back guarantee. You can return it and get your money back within this period if the results are not meeting your expectations. So, feel free to buy this program and unlock your flexibility potential.


Hyperbolic Stretching program is a complete and long-term flexibility improvement and maintenance solution. It is a 30 days program for men and women who want to increase their flexibility from the comfort of their home. The flexibility and core strength expert Alex Larsson make your fitness goals come true in this program specially designed for people struggling with body fitness and improving athletic skills.

This method involves conventional stretching methods to help improve your muscle mass, strength, and flexibility. It has additional benefits like strengthening muscles, increased ROM as well as and increased stamina and confidence. Both men and women can do it the same way as the trainer designed it differently for men and women, taking their different body fitness needs. Don't look further for achieving perfect flexibility for your dance, yoga, running, or weight lifting. Get access to this program now and enjoy the benefits it offers.

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