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Active Brands chose recyclable Paptic® material for its e-commerce mailers

Active BrandsActive Brands chose Paptic® material for its e-commerce mailers to reduce the use of plastics in packaging.

Active Brands has started to use Paptic® material in their e-commerce mailers. Scandinavia’s leading house of premium sports apparel and equipment brands has a holistic approach to sustainability. Their products are designed, developed, and produced with a clear aim to last long. In packaging, replacing oil-based materials with more sustainable alternatives is high on their responsibility agenda. 


“We are developing our sustainable packaging systematically; the amount of plastic used has been reduced during the past few years and we are continuing to take efforts towards optimizing the packaging for our products. Also, we’ve been more conscious of where and why we use packaging. Packaging sizes have been optimized and additionally the use of material. Paptic® responds to several of our ambitious sustainability goals to improve our environmental performance in connection to our e-commerce packaging”, says Rebecca Johansson, Head of ESG and Sustainability at Active Brands. “Our team has commented that the packaging looks nicer than our previous plastic ones and that it brings added value to the product knowing that it is packed in an e-commerce mailer made of renewable resources.”


“We are delighted that Active Brands chose our material for this packaging application, and I want to thank their entire team for our successful cooperation. We shared a common goal to find a sustainable solution to replace the plastics in their e-commerce packaging,” says Katja Jokiaho, Chief Sales Officer at Paptic Ltd. “We combine sustainability and functionality in our materials. In addition, the distinctive touch and feel of Paptic® gave this packaging a high-quality finish. In our materials, we use only wood fibres sourced from sustainably managed forests and the materials are available as FSC® certified. At the end of its life cycle, you should sort the packaging together with packaging papers and cardboard, the recycling rate of which is significantly higher compared to the recycling rate of plastics.”


For more information, please contact:

Katja Jokiaho

Chief Sales Officer, Paptic Ltd

Tel. +358 40 512 3608

Email katja.jokiaho@paptic.com

About Paptic

Paptic Ltd is a high-growth company established in 2015 with headquarters in Espoo, Finland. The company has developed wood-fibre-based and recyclable Paptic® packaging materials to replace plastics in packaging. The industrial-scale production started in 2018. Today Paptic is a company with over 30 professionals, and Paptic® materials are delivered to over 50 countries. www.paptic.com


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