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Palletizing solutions made Easier

Palletizing is a labor intensive, repetitive and unergonomic task, which makes it ideally suited to automation.

OnRobot ́s long-stroke robotic lift extends and future-proofs palletizing and manufacturing applications. With its durable design that is certified for long, reliable use under all typical manufacturing conditions. The palletizing solution is a High-payload lift with a minimal deflection that ensures precise positioning, even at high speeds.

The integrated safety features with stop-functionality for collaborative deployment support a wide range of leading robot brands and sizes.The Lift 100 can be used in any application where additional vertical reach is needed for the robot arm (e.g., stacking of objects other than palletizing, picking/placing parts on shelves, racks, etc.)

Whether the Lift100 is needed for additional reach, will depend on the specific application requirements:

  • Box size
  • Robot kinematics and reach
  • Pallet size
  • Gripper
  • Box pattern
  • Robot mounting height and distance relative to the pallet

Fixtures and sensors for pallets are something that robotic system integrators have traditionally designed and constructed themselves. We provide a cost-effective alternative with an attractive design, that will help save time and speed up deployment. Durable pallet fixture that can withstand hits from stackers and trucks and helps with pallet positioning for more reliable palletizing jobs.

Off-the-shelf fixture saves significant engineering effort and shortens deployment time.Along with the lift a new gripper 2FGP20 has been released in January. OnRobot ́s 2FGP20 is a versatile electric gripper for palletizing heavy cardboard boxes, open boxes, and other containers that cannot be gripped with a vacuum.

Integrated vacuum gripper handles slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring other handling method.

Ideal for:

  • Palletizing application of heavy and/or poor-quality boxes, and boxes that cannot be gripped from the top.
  • Transferring and Pick & Place heavy and/or large items.

Highly versatile palletizing gripper with wide stroke and customizable arms.

  • For KLT’s and similar containers with a minimal surface area, it is recommended to make custom arms to grasp the edges.
  • For open boxes and boxes with limited strength/stiffness of the walls, it is recommended to make custom arms that distributes the pressure at bottom of the box.

Apie OnRobot

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Vikram Kumar
General Manager, EMEA
Vikram Kumar