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Oddbird announces Dry January takeover of Zetter Townhouses

Oddbird x Zetter Townhouse - Photographer: Sam HarrisOddbird x Zetter Townhouse - Photographer: Sam Harris

With a vision of transforming drinking culture by producing premium craft wines liberated from alcohol, Oddbird today announces a non-alcoholic wine and cocktail takeover of Zetter Townhouses in Marylebone and Clerkenwell in London for Dry January. Oddbird will be offering guests the opportunity to taste Oddbird wines by the glass along with a range of non-alcoholic cocktails made with Oddbird Spumante, Blanc de Blancs, Sparkling Rosé and the newly launched and world-first non-alcoholic Low Intervention Organic Red and White Wines. 


For the month of January, Oddbird will be taking over the Zetter Townhouse in Marylebone and Clerkenwell with a full non-alcoholic wine and cocktail menu and afternoon tea. Zetter Townhouse’s Afternoon Teas will be paired with Oddbird’s premium sparkling wines, offering guests an opportunity to taste Oddbird alongside delicious sandwiches, cakes and scones. 


Afternoon Tea will be available at The Zetter Marylebone Tuesday to Sunday and The Zetter Clerkenwell on Saturdays and Sundays only. All Zetter Hotel guests will also be offered a complimentary glass of Oddbird or an Oddbird cocktail during their stay. 


Oddbird produces quality wine in France and Italy using traditional methods from which the alcohol is then liberated. The finest grapes from the best vineyards are selected, at the right level of maturity, and then fermented in the same way as sparkling wine to ensure Oddbird’s unique taste and high quality. 


Oddbird Spumante, Blanc de Blancs, Sparkling Rosé and the new Low Intervention Organic Red and White Wines will be available by the glass along with a range of Oddbird cocktails, liberated from alcohol including: 


Breakfast at Tiffany’s - £10

Breakfast Croissant infusion, topped with Oddbird Blanc de Blancs


Sbagliato Sbagliato!- £10

Oddbird Low Intervention Organic Red, Oddbird Sparkling Rosé, Italian Orange, Grapefruit garnish


Winter Breeze - £10

Juniper, Bergamot, Elderflower cordial, topped with Oddbird Spumante


Red forest Sour - £10

Oddbird Low Intervention Organic Red, Saffron, Orange Blossom, Sugar, Egg White, Lemon


Jack Hibberd, Commercial Director of Low and No Alcohol at Proof Drinks says: “We are delighted to be partnering with Zetter Townhouse for the month of January to offer a full non-alcoholic cocktail menu and afternoon tea pairing. Oddbird has performed really well in the off-trade since its UK launch earlier this year and we are excited to introduce more people in the on-trade to Oddbird’s great non-alcoholic still and sparkling wines at Zetter Townhouse in January.”


Bert Blaize, Sommelier says: Oddbird is the best non-alcoholic wine I've ever tasted! It follows my philosophy of minimum intervention wine making in the winery with organic practices in the vineyard. The wines are made by top winemakers like Contrà Soarda and it's liberated from alcohol by Oddbird. Oddbird is unique in its approach and full of character just like The Zetter Townhouses which are quirky and fun London destinations serving drinks of the highest quality. I'm looking forward to the two coming together in the New Year for the takeover and collaboration."


This collaboration will take place following government guidelines.


www.oddbird.com @oddbird


About Oddbird

Oddbird is on a mission to transform drinking culture by producing world class beverages liberated from alcohol. Oddbird was founded in 2013 in Gothenburg, Sweden by Moa Gürbüzer. Moa has worked for over two decades as a social worker and family therapist specialising in alcohol related family issues. She wanted the question “Do you want your wine with or without alcohol?” to be as common as “Do you want your coffee with or without milk?”.  


The Oddbird range includes Oddbird Spumante, Blanc de Blancs and Sparkling Rosé wines along with the newly launched low-intervention organic red and white wines. Oddbird wines are all vegan friendly and contain 1/10th of the calories found in wine with alcohol.


Oddbird Low Intervention Wines 


Oddbird Low Intervention Organic Red Wine

The world’s first low intervention red wine – liberated from alcohol. Oddbird Low Intervention Red Wine is a supple blend of Merlot and Pinot Noir from Breganze, a town in the Veneto region of Italy. Fermented spontaneously and aged for 12 months, the grapes are hand harvested, 100% organic and micro vinified in barriques and tonneaux. Oddbird Low Intervention Red Wine offers notes of Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry and Wood.


Oddbird Low Intervention Organic White Wine 

The world’s first low intervention white wine – liberated from alcohol.

Oddbird Low Intervention Organic White Wine is a juicy blend of Garganega and Vespaiola grapes native to Breganze, a town in the Veneto region of Italy. Fermented spontaneously, hand harvested and 100% organic. Oddbird Low Intervention White Wine offers notes of Pear, Citrus, Floral Honey and Minerality. 


Oddbird Low Intervention Organic wines produce over six times less CO2 impact than wine from the average vineyard resulting in 0.08kg of CO2 for a 75cl bottle compared to 0.53kg of CO2 for wine produced at the average vineyard.


Oddbird Sparkling Wines 


Oddbird Spumante 

Using grapes from the Italian province of Treviso located in Veneto, commonly known as the Prosecco region, Oddbird Spumante is made with traditional methods and 100% Glera grapes exclusively from DOC and DOCG vineyards. The wine is matured for up to 12 months and then gently liberated from alcohol to preserve its natural character. Oddbird Spumante has notes of Nashi Pear, Elderflower, Green Apple and Grapefruit.

Available now from AmazonSPIRIT.EDDry DrinkerAlcohol Free CompanyClub AF and Dunell’s


Oddbird Blanc de Blancs 

Sparkling Chardonnay wine, liberated from alcohol. Oddbird Blanc de Blancs is crisp, intricate and dry, with fresh tones of Granny Smith Apples, Honey and Lime. A youthful 100% Chardonnay wine with high complexity. 

Available from AmazonSPIRIT.EDHarvey NicholsDry DrinkerAlcohol Free CompanyLight DrinksClub AF and The Wine Reserve


Oddbird Sparkling Rosé 

Sparkling Rosé wine, liberated from alcohol. Silky and well-balanced blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes with gentle hints of Summer Berries, Citrus and Granny Smith apples. Oddbird Rosé is rather dry and all-natural in colour. 

Available from AmazonSPIRIT.EDHarvey NicholsDry DrinkerAlcohol Free CompanyClub AF and The Wine Reserve


www.oddbird.com @oddbird


About Bert Blaize 

Bert trained at La Belle Epoque in Manchester and Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, 2 Michelin Star in Oxfordshire before joining the Clove Club - UK’s top-ranked restaurant in ‘World’s 50 Best Restaurants’ for two years running and 26th best restaurant in the world. In 2017 Bert won the UK’s Top Young Sommelier competition sponsored by Flint wines. In 2018 he was nominated by GQ Magazine and Imbibe as ‘Sommelier of the year’. He then went on to open the Mandrake Hotel as ‘Head of Wine’. Where he was named in the top 50 most influential people in the wine industry by Drinks Business. 


About Zetter Townhouse

Wilhelmina lived in Clerkenwell all her life in the Georgian period. Born in 1727 to a well-to-do family and proud owners of The Zetter Warehouse in Clerkenwell, where they dealt in spice accumulated from their travels all over globe. The warehouse was positioned just a stones throw away, across the historic St Johns square from their family home, The Zetter Townhouse. 


On the death of her parents, Wilhelmina inherited the family’s wealth and property and with no other family in London, aside from her troubled Nephew Seymour, Wilhelmina spent her time travelling the world and sourcing treasures from her adventures. When she returned home to London she would fill her house with dinner parties in her Dining room followed by late night soirees in her Games room. It’s safe to say the house was always full of life, however not necessarily full of people of good morals. 


On the death of his adored aunt, in 1816 at the age of 89, Seymour inherited Wilhelmina’s house and assets. After being corrupted by his eccentric aunt his hobbies included gambling, horses, drinking and beautiful women, but his love above all else was Art. He was very much a dandy, a Renaissance man, who loved to live, and after just a few short years of inheriting Wilhelmina’s fortune he was forced to downsize and purchased a smaller Townhouse in the wend end of London on Seymour Street. As he aged away from the soft, playful nature of his beloved Aunt, Seymour developed a wicked temper only diluted by his love of nature and watercolour that can still be seen in his Marylebone Townhouse today. 

About Oddbird

On a mission to transform and disrupt our drinking culture by creating world class beverages - liberated from alcohol. Oddbird was founded in 2013 by Moa Gürbüzer, after working for 20 years as a sociologist and family therapist with a focus on alcohol-related problems. Her vision was to change society's alcohol norms and make the question 'Do you want the wine with or without alcohol?' as commonplace as "Do you want coffee with or without milk?" Today, Oddbird has grown into Sweden's largest producer of alcohol liberated wines and beverages – i.a. from the leading vineyards in France and Italy. The wines are traditionally aged for up to 12 months and then carefully liberated from alcohol with a patented method that preserves the wine's original character. www.oddbird.com


Ylva Nestmark
CMO / Brand director
Ylva Nestmark