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The story


We are the original Swedish oat drink company built on the idea of change.

In the late 1980s, a research group at Lund University including Oatly founder, Rickard Öste, set out to create a plant-based, nutritious and delicious drink with qualities similar to cow’s milk for people who couldn’t have dairy or who just didn’t like it. The researchers wanted this invention to have a mild taste, be drinkable and usable with cereals and in cooking and baking. They also wanted it to have health benefits similar to (or better than) cow’s milk, and be free of allergens – all with a primary ingredient that would not overly tax the environment.

After thorough research, they found oats to be the best source ingredient in terms of nutrition, taste and sustainability and made the discovery that enzymes could convert fiber-rich oats into a nutritious liquid food with the loose oat fiber (the beta-glucans) still intact. By 1990, this now patented process resulted in a milk alternative perfectly adapted for human consumption – aka oat drink. And of course, the discovery paved the way for the formation of Oatly.

It has been all about oats ever since. We hold several patents on the technology behind our products and continually invest a big portion of our resources into innovation and product development. We are also involved in various research projects on health and sustainability, such as;

The Sustainable Farm


New Legume Food

Sustainable Consumption – From Niche to Mainstream

Today, our oat-based products are accessible in almost 30 countries across Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The product demand continues to rise at a fast pace as more and more people are choosing to switch to a plant-based diet for the sake of their own health as well as for the planet.

About Oatly

We are the original Swedish oat drink company built on the idea of change. Our mission is to help people upgrade their everyday lives and the health of the planet by making tasteful oat based food products accessible to a wider audience in a world class manner.


Linda Nordgren
Communications Manager
Linda Nordgren