2016-10-05 11:28Spokespersons

Toni Petersson, CEO

If you think about it, the craziest part of the Oatly story is that the Board of Directors hired Toni to run a 20 year old food processing company in the first place. Toni is a serial entrepreneur with a track record ni creating lifestyle concepts, brands and experiences and a cool, yet career disrespecting five year Costa Rican sabbatical on his resume. Probably not the smartest choice to grow your science based fast moving consumer good company. Yet, they must of sensed that Toni has an analytic ability equalled by few in the world, is an amazing listener, speaks in questions, can somehow see into the future, has no comprehension of the concept of fear and employs the Japanese concept of Kaizen to everything he does. He is an anomaly, which is why he has taken this nerdy oat company from SEK 200 million to SEK 2 billion in 8 years. He does have a weakness though. He really hates to be in the spotlight and the more he complains, the more we put his face all over our packages and use in our commercials. Isn’t that what friends are for?

About Oatly

We are the original Swedish oat drink company built on the idea of change. Our mission is to help people upgrade their everyday lives and the health of the planet by making tasteful oat based food products accessible to a wider audience in a world class manner.


Toni Petersson