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Oatly is a world leader in the global sustainability movement, promoting the benefits of plant-based eating from both a nutritional and sustainability standpoint in order to creative positive societal change.

The company was founded in 1990s and is based on original scientific research from Lund University in Sweden. Today the company offers a broad range of nutritious and sustainable oat-based products which utilize a patented enzyme technology that copies nature’s own process and turns fiber-rich oats into nutritional liquid food designed specifically for humans.

Oatly currently employs about 800 people. With production and global headquarters in Sweden as well as offices and productions sites in a growing number of locations around the world, Oatly is now in almost 30 countries across Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. And of course we have no plans to stop growing. The more people we can reach, the bigger difference we can make for our planet.