2019-12-12 21:30Blog post

Create Better PR Campaigns in 2020

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By Apollo Otika, VP Sales at Intrado Digital Media

Public relations is an ever-changing industry. PR pros need to navigate fluctuating social trends and tech advancements, as well as disruptions in the media environment.

With a new year approaching, practitioners must evolve or be left behind. As we prepare to exit 2019 and move toward the dawn of a new decade, what can be done to stay ahead of the curve? We recently hosted a discussion about that very question with PRWeek, covering best practices to stay ahead of the competition—from media monitoring and social listening, to measurement and content marketing. 

Our featured guest was Greg Mondshein, Managing Partner at SourceCode Communications and Top 25 PR Innovator in North America, who provided expert advice as part of our panel. While we didn’t get a chance to answer all the questions that came up during our discussion, I’ve taken the time to do so in a short video.

Thanks for watching!

About Notified

Notified was founded in 2010 and quickly became a disruptor in Sweden and across the Nordics. From the beginning, our goal has remained the same: to create a truly unique platform for PR and marketing professionals; one that delivers deeper, more actionable insights from social data and earned media, and brings the entire communications workflow into a single platform. In April 2019, Notified was acquired by Intrado, a global leader in digital communications.