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The Future of PR Needs to Rely Less on Gut and More on Data

The future of pr needs to rely less on gut and more on data. Image. Graph.


This article was originally featured on Odwyerpr.com.  By Ben Chodor, President of Intrado Digital Media.

Gut instinct often helps drive decisions in the PR industry and sets agencies apart from one another. But this trend is beginning to change as a result of increased integration between PR and marketing.

As CMOs and CEOs ask for empirical performance metrics, public relations has been slower in adopting technologies and practices that are grounded in data, for fear that the data will ultimately trump their gut instinct.

Public relations professionals typically use data less than their colleagues in the marketing and advertising departments. Data is viewed as secondary, because the work they do—earning media coverage, generating creative campaign ideas and crisis communications—is less quantifiable and harder to measure.

It’s also difficult to directly quantify the impact an article or news cycle had on someone’s decision to buy a product, or their overall perception of a brand.

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