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Notified & GlobeNewswire: A Bigger, Better International Media Database

Notified & GlobeNewswire: A Bigger, Better International Media DatabaseNotified's Connect module just got even better.

By Jeff Stacey, SVP Product Management, Intrado Digital Media

Ask almost anyone in public relations about a media contacts database, and they’ll quickly tell you it’s a must-have for researching media outlets, finding influential journalists, curating targeted contact lists, and uncovering earned media opportunities.

To be truly effective, a media contacts database must be:

  1. Accurate: contact details and information must be correct to be useful; outdated listings are a waste of your time and money.

  2. Expansive: data needs to be plentiful; not just for each contact, but across countries, media types and industries.

  3. Integrated: a database within the same platform as monitoring, publishing and measurement capabilities naturally complements your workflow and makes you more efficient.

Notified’s Connect module just got a whole lot better.

We recently introduced an enhancement to our database by adding more than 500,000 global media contacts into the platform. You now have a fully searchable database at your fingertips alongside the powerful AI-driven capabilities of Connect.

This is great news – and a significant value-add. You now have access to hand-picked, verified journalists from your local market, at no additional cost. In addition to adding these new contacts, we’ve also improved filter options so that you can more easily locate the media most valuable to your business.

Notified & GlobeNewswire: A Bigger, Better International Media Database

How Do You Access the Media Contacts Database?

If Connect is already part of your subscription, you don’t have to lift a finger! The journalists have already been added to the database and are just waiting for your first outreach. If you don’t have access to Connect, contact us to see the options available.

And if you’re planning global campaigns or need access to more than just your local media contacts, just let us know. We can offer you extended access to the full database of 500,000+ journalists from around the world.

Notified is part of the same family as GlobeNewswire, one of the world’s largest press release distribution providers. We’re continually building meaningful platform integrations to help you get better results from your PR campaigns, including this newly updated database of curated media contacts from GlobeNewswire.

Earlier this year we introduced GlobeNewswire press release distribution integrated into Notified. From the Publish module, you can easily choose pre-selected newslines that send your releases to targeted audiences around the world. If you’re a PR or marketing pro using Notified to tell your brand story, you have an incredible opportunity to increase the reach of your news and branded content.  

Need more information? Talk to your Account Representative or send us an email. We’re here to help!

About Notified

Notified was founded in 2010 and quickly became a disruptor in Sweden and across the Nordics. From the beginning, our goal has remained the same: to create a truly unique platform for PR and marketing professionals; one that delivers deeper, more actionable insights from social data and earned media, and brings the entire communications workflow into a single platform. In April 2019, Notified was acquired by Intrado, a global leader in digital communications.