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[New E-Book] The Evolving PR & Marketing Partnership

The Evolving PR & Marketing PartnershipDownload our new e-book.

By Ben Chodor, President, Intrado Digital Media

The relationship between public relations and marketing is ever-changing.

Historically, the two disciplines have operated independently. When it comes to embracing hard numbers and quantifiable business metrics, PR has typically fallen short of their marketing counterparts.

In recent years, the lines between PR and marketing have started to blur and it’s not always clear-cut when determining who’s responsible for driving key business objectives, such as brand awareness or customer advocacy.

What is clear is the need to be data-driven, whether as a marketer or PR professional.

Measuring outputs and outcomes to gauge success, making informed decisions and proving business value are imperative. Yet, it’s as a metrics-focused practitioner that PR often admits to taking a back seat to marketing.

What can PR learn from marketing to bolster its effectiveness? What activities do PR pros say should remain in their wheelhouse? And who is more effective at demonstrating value to the C-suite?

We set out to find the answers.

Created in partnership with PRWeek, our new e-book, The Evolving PR and Marketing Partnership: Benefits of Self-Reflectionchallenged PR pros in the U.S. and Europe to compare themselves to their marketing counterparts by taking an honest look in the mirror. Our survey respondents shared a lot of interesting, and often candid, answers with us, as you’ll see in this e-book.

The PR and Marketing Relationship

A question from our PRWeek survey.

When we kicked off the project with PRWeek earlier in the year, we could never have imagined the events that have unfolded in the first half of 2020. In the past several months many organizations have been impacted by brands in crisis, displaced employees, and teams and budgets that have been significantly reduced or even eliminated.

For PR and marketing colleagues who might now be coming together as teammates, the uncharted territory can be challenging. However, it can also be an opportunity for these ever-evolving disciplines to work as partners for the collective good of their businesses and brands.

To learn more, download the e-book and see where the PR/marketing partnership currently stands, what PR can adopt from marketing, which metrics matter and which metrics PR has long struggled with.

Notified and PRWeek E-Book

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