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How to Enhance Your Company Story Through Multimedia

Mobile phone with images and video storytelling.Think visually and communicate with images and video.

Another month, another press release. Another week, another blog post.

For public relations and marketing professionals, the need to create a constant stream of content can be a challenge—one whose volume and repetition can often overshadow the underlying intention of all this content: to tell your story.

How do you get through the rut and come out on the other side with engaging, compelling content that tells your company story?

Incorporating multimedia can be a great place to start. By thinking visually, and communicating with not just text but with images, video, and two-way engagement tactics like webcasting, you can start to build a deeper relationship with your audience.

Let's look at some specific examples of where multimedia can help to bring your story to life:

    • Press Releases - This is one area where "the rut" of regular (and regulatory) communications can suck the life right out of your content. The press release is a tried and true tactic of modern PR, but too often it is also where creativity and engagement go to die. Before you hit publish on that next text-only release, consider if including images or even video might tell the same story in a more engaging way. Adding multimedia content to your press release distribution can add enormous impact and pickup to your outreach.
    • Blog Posts - Pithy intros and bullets of best practices: we all know the formula. But including images, a video clip or skipping the blog entry altogether for an infographic will help your post rise above its text-only cousins, every time.
    • Your IR Website - Gone are the days where a wordy "About Us" paragraph and sidebar navigation gets the job done on your investor relations website. Yes, it's IR - but it's still a chance to tell your story in an engaging way. Your IR site needs to create an emotional response in the viewer, in the same way as your newsroom or your homepage does. To do that, you need great images, icons and a graphic interface to draw in your viewer.
    • Social - If your social media content strategy still consists of text and links, it's time for an upgrade. Social was made for sharing, and people prefer to share visual content. Infographics, short video clips and great images will take your posts to the next level in terms of engagement.

Not sure where to start? Consider internal email communications as a great jumping off point.

Before you hit send on another text-only internal announcement, consider adding graphic elements or images to grab your colleagues' attention. Once you've got your feet wet with internal multimedia content, extend that to your external outreach and watch your engagement soar.

If you're ready to move beyond text, it's time to tell your story with multimedia.

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